One fine morning in computer class.

“Good morning, class,” the teacher began, “Today we’re going to learn about the memory chip.” He produced an antiquated chip and continued, “This is what it looks like. I don’t know much else about it, but I do know if you throw it hard enough, it can stick to the ceiling, like this.”

The teacher looked up at the ceiling and flung the chip overhead at full speed. Everyone in the class laughed at the sight of it sticking out from the ceiling.

“Here, try it,” the teacher said as he walked around the room with a box of memory chips for the students to throw. “Do it like I did. Grip it with your index finger, put some spin in your throw, and above all, throw hard. Have fun!”

For the rest of the hour, students threw memory chips at the ceiling. By the end of the class, the ceiling was sagging from the weight of hundreds of chips.

“Well done,” beamed the teacher, “it looks like the ceiling has more memory than we all do. Any questions?”

“Yes,” spoke up one student, “how is this going to help me in my new career in computer repair?”

Then followed a heavy and uncomfortable silence as the teacher stood in awkward silence, unsure of how to respond. A few minutes later, the silence was shattered by the ceiling tiles collapsing to the floor as the weight of the memory chips became too much for them to bear.

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