Operation Snow Shovel.

It’s a known fact that all visitors to Florida are required to leave the state after Easter. However, these visitors think themselves as being too clever to comply with the native residents’ wishes to have their beloved home state back after surrendering it to the visitors’ hostile takeover during a lengthy occupation otherwise known as “tourist season”. The residents’ pleas have repeatedly fallen on deaf ears and the governors of the visitors’ home states have failed to take action to resolve this crisis.

Well, residents have taken matters into their own hands by launching an ambitious operation to round up and remove these unwelcome visitors by force. Nicknamed “Operation Snow Shovel”, it consists of dozens of helicopters flying over Florida’s major roads and highways while keeping a sharp lookout for out of state visitors. Should one be spotted, the helicopter lowers a powerful magnet and lifts the offending car off the road and flies the car to the state border. If the visitors tries to re-enter Florida, they are pelted with squishy oranges.

Needless to say, Operation Snow Shovel has not been popular with visitors who still insist on staying in Florida beyond their welcome. However, the operation continues as native residents ponder other strategies to regain their sacred homeland and prevent it from falling into the hands of unwelcome visitors who insist on carrying out their annual tradition of “tourist season”. Rumor has it that natives are considering enlisting the services of a certain city in Florida known for launching missions to outer space.

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