The visitors that wouldn’t leave.

I woke up this morning hoping for the best, but my hopes were quashed when I heard a loud belch from the living room. No wait, make that two large belches from the two unwelcome visitors in my house.

I sleepily put my clothes on and made my way to the living room where the visitors were seated on the couch, watching TV as usual.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” said Nuyawk, “did we wake you?”

“We were just having ourselves a little burping contest,” chuckled Nujersi. “Oh, by the way, you’re out of soda.”

“But I just got some yesterday!” I blurted. “A full 24-pack!”

Nuyawk addressed my protests with another loud burp.

It’s been like this since last November. That was when Nuyawk and Nujersi just barged in my home and have since spent their entire time just lounging around my house and hastily consuming my limited supplies of food and drinks. I was hoping they would leave right after Easter but here it is, almost May and they’re still here, staying way past their welcomes. I’d put up with them the best I could but despite my dropping subtle hints regarding my annoyance, they disregarded my feelings altogether and continued staying at my house. This time, however, I decided to try a more direct approach.

“No one’s making you stay,” I said. “You can leave anytime you want, you know.”

“What’s the rush?” asked Nuyawk. “We like it here.”

“Not all of us here are on vacation,” I went on.

“But the rest of us are!” Nujersi laughed.

“Yah,” Nuyawk agreed, “and that means someone has to work.”

I went right to the point. “So are you two leaving or not?”

“Heck no,” Nuyawk replied. “We can stay here as long as we want. No one’s forcing us to leave, not even you.”

That was all I could take. I stormed out of the house and went for a short walk to try formulating a better plan for ridding my house of these unwelcome pests. It was then I saw my next door neighbor seated outside his front door while looking very distressed.

“Good morning Nick,” I said.

“Nothing good about it,” Nick muttered, “not with these unwelcome visitors in my house.”

“You too, huh?”

“I’ve had it with them. I plea for them to leave until I’m blue in the face but they just don’t listen.”

“I hear you,” I consoled. “I’m not having much luck with my visitors either. I make it clear they can leave anytime they want but neither of them listen to me.”

“So you got two visitors, huh?” Nick raised his head.


“Lucky you. I’ve got three.”

Then a bedroom window near Nick opened and Nothcalina’s head appeared.

“Hey boss! The toilet’s clogged again!”

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