The Shin.

So I just finished reading Stephen King’s novel The Shining when this following scene came to mind.

At last. The Overhaul Hotel was in sight.

Hollowegg heaved a sigh of relief as he steered the snowbike towards the huge building. It had taken him several days to get here, after all, it wasn’t easy riding a snowbike when there wasn’t any snow.

(Help! Hollowegg! HALLLP!)

Dannny’s voice rang loudly inside Hollowegg’s head. That alone spawned renewed hope that Dannnny was still hanging on despite his horrific predicament.

Hollowegg parked the snowbike near the front door where balloon sculptures of various animals stood guard. When they saw him, they quickly drifted towards him for the attack. But Hollowegg stood ready with a hat pin in hand and moments later all the balloon sculptures lay tattered in pieces across the lawn. Too easy.

(Hollowegg! HALLLLP!)

Dannnnny’s voice interrupted Hallowegg’s thoughts once again. The fact that Dannnnnny’s name kept getting longer and longer meant he was really in trouble. Hallowegg charged for the door and entered the Overhaul.

Once inside the empty hotel, Hallowegg began his desperate search. “Dannnnnny! Where are you?”

“Hallowegg! I’m up here!” Dannnnnnnny’s voice came from the second floor. Hallowegg found the stairs and ran upstairs as fast as he could. Amd there they were, Dannnnnnnnny and his mother Wennnnnnnnndy, both on the floor in the hallway of the second floor, cornered and cowering in fear at the most horrific sight ever witnessed by human eyes.

Standing in front of them was a mannequin’s shin.

(I cannot continue this post.)

Apologies to Stephen King

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