Ground control to major chaos.

“Mission control, this is Shonks.”

“Not again,” muttered the agent as he picked up his headset to communicate with the crew aboard the USS Haywire high above the Earth.

“What was that?”


“We’re still waiting on that AA battery,” Shonks said. “It’s been 2 days now.”

“We’re still trying to get it up to you.”

“That’s what you said yesterday.” Shonks was getting annoyed. “Are you sure you guys know what you’re doing?”

“We’re doing our best.”

“You said that yesterday too. Hurry up.”

End of transmission.

The agent shook his head in silent frustration before getting up from his desk for a quick break. He walked over to the window overlooking the facility outside and saw dozens of people, all lined up in a row while using rubber bands to shoot AA batteries at the sky. The batteries would only fall back down to the ground but this did not deter their determination to deliver the much-needed battery to the ship above. Occasionally, other people would run out with boxes containing fresh batteries for the futile launch attempts to continue for the rest of the day. The agent shook his head again.

Thank you, President Rouch, thought the agent. Deep budget cuts for us so you can build your roof over the entire country.

Good luck with that.

LOTS of luck.


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