Rescuing ‘Arking Lot, Part 9.

WARNING: This segment of our story contains an extremely blasphemous reference some readers may find offensive. You will be warned when the paragraph containing this reference approaches.

I entered the dark church chuckling. “I’m so clever,” I said to myself. “Screaming like that when there’s nothing to scream at, yet I left the reader in suspense anyway. And no, this isn’t really Part 9, but Part 4 in disguise! LOL! ROFL!”

After my laughter faded, I decided to resume my mission to rid ‘Arking Lot of the evil emanating from this place, only I couldn’t see it. The interior of the church was so big that my flashlight did little to reveal the details in the darkness.

Suddenly a flash of lightning illuminated the interior and for the first time I could see the details of the sanctuary where I stood. Rows and rows of empty seats faced the pulpit, and I could see a horrifying sight on the wall just behind it.

WARNING: Blasphemous reference ahead. LOOK AWAY NOW

An upside-down smiley face.

Okay, we made it past the blasphemous reference. You may continue reading now.

Truly, I had never seen anything so blasphemous.

Told you so.

Suddenly I heard a horrific screeching sound and the next flash of lightning indicated its source: a choir of zombies standing along the wall, sounding as if trying to sing but instead succeeding in their voices clashing in the most dissonant notes that sounded harsh to my ears. Their singing sounded worse than a dozen forks scraping on a blackboard.

My focus returned to the front of the church where I had seen the pulpit.

Warning: Blasphemous reference approaching one last time. LOOK AWAY NOW

I tried not to look at the upside-down smiley face but my eyes caught a glimpse of it anyway.

Okay, we’re past the final blasphemous reference. Carry on, my wayward son.

On the pulpit rested a book that I sensed had plenty to do with this mess. I remembered my book telling me that this could be the very tome that contained the incantations summoning all the evil to ‘Arking Lot, but I needed to make sure. After all, this might be a different book altogether, like the latest issue of Vogue magazine.

I used the flashlight to walk down the aisle towards the pulpit where I got a good look at the book in question. The book was opened to a page that was filled with strange letters and illustrations. Upon closing it I got a glimpse of the title on the cover.

The Giant Book of Evil Incantations

Yep, this is it. In order to liberate ‘Arking Lot, I must somehow destroy this book. I began to pick it up when suddenly from nowhere came a bony hand to push it back down to its rightful place on the pulpit. I looked up and saw a deathly pale face with dark eyes and real bad teeth that shone in the darkness as it screamed.

Oh yeah, I screamed as well.

To be continued..

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