Apps for exploring Mars.

The recent news of the massive dust storm on Mars had me so interested in the Red Planet that I decided to explore Google Play to see what related apps I could find. It turns out there are more of them than I thought. Here’s a partial listing.

  • Space Weather – This cool app gives you the current weather conditions on Mars, the phase of the moon and conditions on the Sun. It also has helpful information that explains exactly what’s being reported. On the downside I noticed there’s been no new data from Mars since July 12.
  • Mars Time – I find it interesting that the time on Mars depends on who you ask. Each of the rovers and probes on Mars has their own time of day and this app lists them all.
  • Mars Sky – This app shows a simple view of the Martian sky from a list of various reference points. It also lists the times for the rise and set times for the planets in both standard and Darian calendar formats, so it’s an interesting way to learn the Martian calendar. The Skywheel app from the same developer is worth checking out if you desire an equally simple view of the sky here on Earth.

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