Eulogy for Roxie.

The day I met you
At the shelter
There you were
Pacing in your cage
Showcasing your sweetness
And presenting a solid case
For why I should adopt you
We clicked
And then made a deal
I would rescue you from this place
And you would rescue me from my loneliness
So began your life at your new home
Your bigger world
You lived a good life
Of climbing on my shoulders
Fueling your addiction to catnip
Chasing those red dots
And being my own therapist
With your purrs of wisdom
And now you are gone
Leaving me in my sorrow
Along with one comforting thought
Out of all the cats at the shelter
I’m glad that I chose you
And that you chose me
I will always treasure
The love we shared
That will live forever
Sleep well, Roxie
You will always be
My favorite cat

(March 29, 2002 – February 19, 2019)

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