One-touch poetry.

As you compose your text messages your phone tends to suggest words you’re likely to use next. In some cases it’ll even suggest words you’ve used before. That got me thinking about what it would be like to create poems using nothing but these suggested words. As I write this I have no idea how these poems will turn out, but there’s only one way to find out. I’ll start each poem with a word of my choosing and then I’ll select from the words suggested by my phone to build the rest of the poem. Here goes…

Love the kitchen to finish
Making it hurricane season
And then go out tonight
Man Condemned

Life is the perfect antidote
For our house to bring to
Work with lunch at my chest pain
Or maybe free air in to the next colorful picture
Of the store before heading back
And then plan for go to work tomorrow

Music lovers will enjoy and walk away
And then go out to the right
I need to sit down and walk
And then plan for you too

Ugh. From now on I’ll just write my poems the old-fashioned way.

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