Regrets of a red light runner.

The psychic sat in her car at the busy traffic intersection, patiently waiting for the light to turn green. She practiced some simple breathing exercises and kept herself in tune with the spirit realm during the wait.

Then the light turned green.

As the psychic resumed her commute home, a black Corvette suddenly barrelled across the intersection, narrowly missing her car as it continued ahead without stopping. Clearly the Corvette had run a red light but the psychic wasn’t upset. She knew what to do. She took one last glimpse of the speeding car as she uttered a brief incantation in its direction. Then she smiled. That was all she needed to do.

That night, at the other side of town, the driver of the Corvette lay in bed, trying to sleep. His mind replayed the events of the day, from his bad day at work to his escalating financial problems.

Then came the thought of running that red light on the way home. His eyes opened as a very startling thought entered his mind.

Did I hit someone?

No, he tried to reassure himself. I almost hit that car, but most definitely didn’t hit anyone.

The thought became stronger as he began to visualize a pedestrian standing in the crosswalk at the intersection, staring in horror at his Corvette as it sped towards him. Seconds later, the pedestrian exploded into a bloody mess all over the car, his intestines splattering on the windshield…


The driver suddenly sat upright in his bed, breathing hard and sweating profusely, trying hard to tune out the gruesome scene now playing in his head. That scene did go away, but was replaced by one of him stopping at the local self-service car wash to hose off the pedestrian’s remains.


His bewildered mind now began to play a conversation he supposedly had with the owner of the car wash who stopped by to make sure the equipment was working properly.

“Whoa, what happened there?” the owner noticed the mess on the Corvette, much to the driver’s annoyance.

“Tomatoes,” the driver blurted out.

“Tomatoes have intestines?”


At this point the driver wasn’t sure what to believe. The harder he tried to convince himself that he never ran over anyone, the harder his conscience acted to induce his guilt and the realization that he did.

Finally, the driver could take no more. he jumped out of bed, got himself dressed and went to turn himself in at the nearby police station. Of course, the police were confused. More convinced than ever over his own guilt, the driver lost control of his sanity and launched into a screaming fit that eventually landed him in a mental hospital across town. Either way, his driving days were now over.

A smile formed on the psychic’s face as she slept. That was all she needed to do.

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