Binghi’s Market vs. Sunshine Flea Market.

For over 30 years, Binghi’s Market has been an ideal shopping destination in Dadeland, Florida. It has 140,000 square feet of shopping with well over 500 vendors, an award-winning food court serving cuisine from all over the world, complete with a stage for live music and of course daily magic shows from magician Stutz Slinghi. The market has adhered to founder Khatoosh Binghi’s vision of a flea market where quality goods from local vendors are sold at discount prices, and this vision has helped his flea market become one of the largest in the southeastern United States.

However, a new threat has arisen just down the street on Palm Tree Boulevard that could very well become Binghi’s Market’s fiercest competitor. Sunshine Flea Market is set to open next month and when it does, could very well usurp in a matter of days what Binghi spent years building.

Sunshine Flea Market claims to be the world’s largest flea market with a massive building occupying two square miles that will house some 5,000 vendors. Its food court also claims to be the world’s largest, with every single fast food chain setting up a presence there, including numerous deadly rivals sworn to each other’s destruction. But the opportunity to serve potentially thousands and thousands of customers each day has the restaurants willing to establish a truce, albeit an uneasy one.

Additionally, Sunshine Flea Market plans to offer some free attractions, including a large 50-screen movie theater, a 2-ring circus with trained animals, acrobats and clowns, a full-scale amusement park featuring two roller coasters, a haunted house ride and a carnival with plenty of games giving away oversized stuff toys as prizes.

Indeed, the hype surrounding Sunshine Flea Market has reached dizzying levels as pressure mounts on Binghi to build the same attractions to counter those of his competitor’s. But he says he cannot afford to build them, so he plans to stick with his instincts to keep things the way they are. He has tried assuring customers and vendors alike that he really doesn’t need to do anything to rise to the competition. As for the size of his competitor, he simply says, “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.”

What will happen once Sunshine Flea Market opens? Will Binghi’s Market be forced out of business? How will this play out? Are there too many questions in this paragraph?

To be continued…

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