Binghi’s Market vs. Sunshine Flea Market, Part 2.

The day Sunshine Flea Market opened, Binghi’s Market was a virtual ghost town with very few customers, including a few hardcore octogenarians who vowed to stay loyal regardless of what the competition had to offer. Vendors became bored and resorted to bugging owner Khatoosh Binghi to build his own movie theater, circus and amusement park to match the competition and help bring back the customers. Again Binghi refused, citing his limited finances. At once the vendors began calling Binghi stubborn, mule-headed and stupid, insisting he needed to build the attractions in order to save his business and their jobs.

Meanwhile Sunshine Flea Market enjoyed record crowds in the tens of thousands, yet none of them were interested in shopping at the vendor area. Instead they chose to go straight to the movie theater, circus and amusement park where they could have their fun for free. The management became frustrated and tried to lure customers to visit the vendors yet none of them were interested.

The vendor area was a huge problem for the Sunshine Flea Market management. There were booths set up for approximately 2,000 vendors but only 12 of them were occupied with vendors desperate for customers. Some of them ventured outside where the customers were and tried selling them their wares but once again they were disregarded. The free attractions were tremendously popular but without the needed revenue from the vendor area, there was no way to keep the attractions funded. The management would have to find another way to keep them open, but that would mean summoning every ounce of their ingenuity while there was still time, and time was running out.

Back at Binghi’s Market, the vendors were considering moving to Sunshine Flea Market but Binghi held firm to his gut and refused to let the vendors leave, instead telling them to hang tight for the time being. There had been too few customers throughout the day and word of Sunshine Flea Market attracting huge crowds infuriated the vendors. Once again the name-calling resumed, with Binghi finding himself the target of an endless barrage of insults. Yet, his only response was, “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.”

To be continued…


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