A visit from my dearly departed father.

Last night as I lay sleeping, something unusual happened. It was an otherwise clear and cool night, a night cool enough for me to open the windows and let in some of that fresh air that helps me sleep so well.

No, last night was a little different. I don’t know if it was a dream or not but I first noticed the air becoming very cold as the breeze gained strength to turn into a very strong wind that stirred up the clutter in my bedroom and sent it flying in all directions. I was freezing cold even with the blanket and the heavy comforter covering me and my body began to tremble and shiver.

When the chaos in my bedroom had eased, I noticed there was a glowing blue figure standing in front of my bed, the light too bright for me to identify exactly what it was.

“Hello, Ichiban.”

That voice. It sounded very familiar. And there was only one person who called me Ichiban.

“Dad? Is that you?”

It couldn’t be him. My father had left this life two years ago and I thought he was gone for good, although there were plenty of occasions when I got the sensation he was watching over me and even manipulating my mind to guide me towards doing the right thing when it came to managing my life and my finances.

“Yes, it’s me,” my father said. “I’m just checking on you and making sure you’re all right. After all, just because I’m gone doesn’t mean my fatherly duties have to end. Having said that…”

I sat up, my senses in awe of the ghostly being that was and will always be my father. I awaited in anticipation of what he would say next.



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