Donald Trump has totally lost it.

Yes, I am convinced that Donald Trump has totally lost it. In the two years since his defeat, he has spent nearly all his time at his Mar-a-Lago estate going room to room trying to find it. And he still hasn’t, even with Melania’s help. Her only contribution to the matter is her confusion as to exactly what it is that he lost.

During his time at the White House, Trump most likely didn’t have it with him then, although he swore up and down he did. Still, he spent his time going room to room in the White House trying to find where it could possibly be but with no luck. Vice President Mike Pence even asked what it was that Trump was looking for but Trump responded for him to shut up and keep looking.

The hypothesis that Trump lost it while working at Trump Tower appears to be gaining momentum. Rather than search all the rooms, floor by floor, he most likely found it easier to just admit that he lost it and then move on, even if it means moving on without it. Not even his children were of any help for they too were clueless as to what it was that he lost.

So has Donald Trump totally lost it? The answer is a resounding yes. He has traveled this far down the road of life without it despite his best efforts to find it. It is a surprise however, that from all the executive actions he signed while in office, none of them would establish a Department of Missing Its. But I guess he was a little too preoccupied.


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