Voxelstein 3-D.

Voxelstein 3-D is an awesome first-person shooter unlike anything I’ve seen. It’s based on the classic Wolfenstein 3-D and uses the some of the game’s enemies except they are now rendered in full 3-D. Needless to say, this is a pretty bloody and violent game.
At first I was set back by the game’s low-resolution graphics but what really struck me was that these graphics are really small blocks called voxels. There are over 37 million of these blocks in the first level alone.
I like how the game’s world is fully destructible. You can stab through walls and doors, shoot down chandeliers, and knock over tables. This is your chance to show no mercy.
Aside from the violent action, I think the really fun part is just exploring the voxel-rendered world. Some rooms have some clever references to some classic video game characters such as Duke Nukem and even the Dopefish. I especially like how there’s more to this game than meets the eye…

Amazing 65KB demo programs.

The demo programs at this site are amazing feats of programming. I never even knew it was possible to create vividly rendered 3-D landscapes with cool lighting effects along with quality synthesized music in an executable file no larger than 65KB. There’s also a first-person shooter game here called kkrieger that’s only 96KB. It too is amazing. Be warned though. Although these programs are clean and very safe to run, some of them will generate false alerts from your anti-virus program so you probably won’t be able to see some of these feats of programming in action.