3-D photos from Disney World.

Last weekend I went to Orlando to visit Disney World. It’s long been one of my favorite places to visit and this year was no exception. Here are some 3-D photos I took at Epcot for viewing with your red/blue viewing glasses.
This first picture is of a giant troll statue that rests in the gift shop at Norway’s section at the World Showcase. Be sure to check out the thrilling Maelstrom boat ride here.

This is a miniature village complete with a running train. It’s located near the American Adventure in the World Showcase.

Finally, here’s a plant sculpture of lovable Goofy to be featured in Epcot’s upcoming Flower and Garden Festival.

Your desktop in a 3-D cube.

Yod’m 3D turns your desktop into a rotating cube that allows you to set up separate desktops on all 4 sides of the cube. When you want to switch desktops, just push the hotkey and the cube will rotate to the next desktop using some very nifty 3-D effects. There are lots of settings to play with, including transparency and zoom effects to make this gem both useful and fun to play with. Although Yod’m has gone payware, you can still download the freeware version at Portable Freeware’s site.

The 3-D house of horrors.

I’ve come up with yet another approach to 3-D art, one that can be a little scary. I have a bunch of those little LED flashlights, including one with a red light and one with a blue light. One night I put on my 3-D glasses, turned out the lights and walked around the house with the red flashlight in my left hand and the blue flashlight in my right. As I walked from room to room, I shone the two flashlights on the various furnishings in my house. What I saw was terrifying. I saw shadows literally floating in mid-air, at times appearing to jump out at me. I’d never seen anything like it.
Then I decided to try taking pictures of these floating shadows to prove to myself that I am not going insane.
This first picture is of an ordinary dining room chair. When seen with the 3-D glasses, the shadow does appear to be floating in mid-air.

This is a shadow of the glass lamp that hangs in my dining room. When I saw it through my 3-D glasses, I was spooked. The lamp appeared to be floating in mid-air around the room, growing in size and appearing to headed directly for me. It’s a good thing it’s only a shadow.

Here’s a shadow of my camera on its tripod. Again, when seen in 3-D, it appears to float in mid-air to take on a new life of its own.

And finally, here are some of my toys which grace the top of my desk. The shadows here cast an ominous and eerie tone, quite uncharacteristic of their normally innocent presence.

Wow. What a creepy night. I’m not sure if I want to do this again.

Welcome to the 3-D neighborhood.

As promised, here’s another 3-D picture for you to feast your eyes on. This time I used my digital camera. This picture shows the sidewalk that runs between the houses in my neighborhood. After taking the first picture, I moved the camera about an inch to the right and took the second picture. Then I used the Anaglyph Maker to produce the finished product.
I have plenty of 3-D pictures to post, so be sure to check back often with your 3-D glasses in hand.