Exploring the mind of Ricardo Lopez.

Recently I saw The Video Diary of Ricardo Lopez and was so haunted by it I just had to post my thoughts on it here. Lopez of course was the infamous stalker so obsessed with singer Bjork that the news of her dating a black man set Lopez off to the point where he constructed and mailed an acid-spraying mail bomb before committing suicide on camera.
Indeed, the video is chilling and disturbing to watch but at the same time it’s morbidly fascinating. Throughout the video Lopez reveals his beliefs and opinions as well as his plans for getting even with Bjork for so breaking his heart. We learn what makes stalkers tick and why they’re so obsessed with their idols.
Stalker label aside, we do see a human side to Lopez, a side often overcome with emotion. He possessed the potential to be a great artist as we see some samples of his artwork, including a very impressive self-portrait. He had once worked as a bug exterminator and had a family who was worried about him and contacted him to make sure he was okay, which was something that touched Lopez so much that he briefly postponed his destructive plans so he could reconcile with his family. A few months later though, it’s back to the drawing table, unemployed and with his plans in full swing, including his chilling plans to commit suicide. He would later go to the gun store and purchase the very gun for that purpose.
Lopez began to experiment with hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid to determine which would work best in his mail bomb and soon had his creation ready to mail. Again, the human side of Lopez resurfaces as he revealed how nervous he was about mailing it. It sounded like he was ready to kill himself right there had he been arrested.
After mailing the bomb, he began a very bizarre ritual in which he cut of all his hair and shaved it bald before painting it with red and green stripes. He put on one last Bjork song, entitled I Remember You, before committing suicide on camera, giving a sad ending to one of the most riveting movies I’ve ever seen.
The Video Diary of Ricardo Lopez is definitely not for everyone as it contains adult language, racist slurs, plenty of nudity as Lopez had a peculiar habit of videotaping himself in the nude and of course the graphic suicide at the end of the movie. It’s disturbing, chilling yet fascinating all at the same time.