Blue Screen of Death launcher.

StartBlueScreen is an interesting piece of freeware that will actually crash your system and initiate the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. I still wonder what purpose this program serves other than scaring the daylights out of you.
Again, this program is not a simulation and will cause your system to reboot, so make sure you have all your work saved before trying this one out, if you dare.

Blue Screen of Death screen saver.

The BlueScreen Screen Saver has got to be the world’s scariest screen saver. It mimics the dreaded Blue Screen of Death perhaps a little too accurately. After displaying the fake blue screen, the screen saver then pretends to restart Windows, showing the startup splash screen for your version of Windows complete with the scrolling progress bar. Then a blank desktop appears along with a mouse cursor and suddenly, the Blue Screen of Death pops up again to begin the terror anew. For extra realism, you can enable the option for some fake disk activity.
Needless to say, this screen saver scares me every time I look at it. It’s going to scare you too.