Interesting games from Cactus.

Cactus is a Swedish game developer who comes up with the most imaginative and unique games I have ever seen. The freeware games on his site range from shoot-em-ups to side scrollers to games that are downright weird yet still fun to play. Some of the games have virtually no documentation and leave it up to you to figure things out.
It’s refreshing to see someone take such joy in experimenting with graphics, gameplay and music and sharing the interesting results that materialize. A good way to get started is to check out Cactus Arcade, a 48-megabyte download that features 17 games presented through a unique menu interface. My favorite game of the bunch is Mondo Agency, which simply must be seen to be believed.
My only grouch about some of the games is that not all of them work under Vista. Some of them hang and never finish loading.