Political cartoons from the future.


In my sketchbook is a section entitled “Political Cartoons From The Future” featuring President Alvin K. Smith, a very unpopular president from the year 3007. I imagined how his policies caused the country and the world to fall apart. I then sketched a series of political cartoons as a means of telling the story and not as a platform for my opinions. These cartoons were drawn about 7 years ago.

This first cartoon seems to foretell an actual news headline, but in President Smith’s case, he blocked immigration from all countries.


Then things get worse. President Smith would later sign a trade embargo against England, France and Germany.


Having severed its ties with the rest of the world, the U.S. would fall into a crippling economic depression.


Despite all the problems, President Smith was still optimistic about the economy.


Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, President Smith would later trip and fall in the Oval Office and “accidentally” press The Button to start World War 5:


And a weakened country with a poor economy, no troops and no weapons, is left completely defenseless.


Let’s just hope no more of these cartoons come true.

The Internet Happy Box.

There was a great storyline in the Pearls Before Swine comic strip this week in which Pig built himself an Internet Happy Box to escape the evils of the Internet. This seems to have struck a chord among its fans on Facebook, creating a demand for a larger picture of Pig in his beloved Happy Box. The artist complied and drew this nice picture for anyone needing an escape from the dark side of the online world.