Facebook scam in progress.


There is a scam floating around on Facebook capable of ensnaring even the most cautious of users like myself. I was on Facebook this morning browsing through the latest postings when I spotted what appeared to be an innocent link to some image claiming to hide something wrong. When I clicked on it, I was taken to a site called laughsocksoff.com where I was warned that the image might be inappropriate for visitors under 13, so I had to log in with my Facebook account to verify my age. After granting it some permissions to my account, I had to then “like” the “Laugh And Smile” page in order to view the image. After studying the image and finding nothing wrong, I did a search for Google to see if there was a solution and that’s when I realized I had fallen victim to a scam that collects information from my profile. Sure enough, it had posted a link to my wall containing a different image to lure another victim. I immediately changed my Facebook password, removed the permissions to laughsocksoff.com, unliked the “Laugh and Smile” page and removed the link from my timeline. I’m hoping this concludes the matter. Don’t let this happen to you.

Quitting Facebook cold turkey.

It’s really not hard to quit Facebook cold turkey. As in my case, it’s been two months since I last logged on and I don’t miss it one bit. Each time I get the urge to log on, I just think of how hated Facebook is and the constant barrage of posts from people who feel the need to post details of every single moment of their waking lives, complete with pictures and videos. Some can even post in their sleep, but that’s another story.
I also can’t stand postings from the games on Facebook, such as Farmville. Those games give you plenty of chances to pollute your Facebook wall with plenty of useful posts such as sharing your virtual cow manure so other virtual farmers can use it to fertilize their own virtual crops on their own virtual farms.
The strongest reason I have to stay away from Facebook is the connection between posting news about my job and suddenly losing it a few weeks later, either through layoffs or getting fired. That’s exactly what happened with my last three jobs, all of them lost because I posted about them on Facebook. Not on company time, mind you, but at home, on my own time, on my own computer. It must be some kind of curse. No wonder the unemployment rate’s so high.

Download your Facebook account.

I’ve been on Facebook for 2 years and have just recently found that you can easily download everything you’ve ever posted on Facebook, including your pictures and videos. It’s as simple as going to your account settings and selecting the link to “Download Your Information”. The system will then generate a zip file and then notify you via e-mail when it’s ready to download. As this file does contain sensitive account information, be careful where you store or send it.

Clouds 365.

Clouds 365 is a wonderful photography project fueled by one person’s desire to photograph clouds in the sky every day for one year. The project has attracted such strong support from the Internet community with submissions of cloud photos from all over the world that the author has decided to extend the project for another year. If you’re on Facebook, you can see these photos as well as submit some of your own. You can see my cloud photos here.

The ultimate guitar workout.

I came across this site from an ad on Facebook, one that promises to dramatically increase your guitar playing speed. Since I’m always one looking for better, easier ways to learn the guitar, I decided to give it a try and even though I’m about halfway through the two-week course, I’m already impressed.
The Guitar Burning Speed course introduces you to a series of brief but very intense fretboard exercises to increase the strength of your fingers as you play. Having strong fingers is probably the very secret of playing the guitar faster, not to mention being able to effectively utilize all your fingers (except the thumb of course) when playing that blazing solo.
The bonuses included with the course are absolutely priceless. You’ll get some MIDI drum tracks, some free MP3 blues jam tracks, a metronome program and some other goodies, including a very simple method for memorizing your entire fretboard in less than 15 minutes. This course is well worth the money spent.

The healing power of Facebook.

While I was a freshman in high school, I met a pretty girl who always cheered me up with her smile. Since my locker was very close to hers, I would slip little notes in her locker just to brighten her day. I was really hoping to date her someday, but when I found out she wasn’t even allowed to talk to boys, something inside me snapped and for reasons I’m still trying to fathom, I wrote her a note telling her our friendship was over and slipped the note in her locker without even thinking of the consequences. Since then, she and I stopped talking to each other and I was left in deep regret over what I had done. I would later move to Oklahoma to finish high school there, effectively preventing me from seeing her again.
A few weeks ago I was looking for some old classmates on Facebook and sure enough, I found her again. I cautiously sent her a request to be added as a friend along with an apology and a few days later she added me to her friends list. That moment healed 24 years of living with the single worst memory I have of high school. I’m very grateful to Facebook for that kind of healing.