A very trippy Flash movie.

Check out this very imaginative and funny Flash movie of a businessman taking off into flight to escape from the harsh realities of everyday life. You can interact with some of the objects also flying in the sky as you fly your way towards paradise. It would be really cool if we all could escape like this.

Find the nude dude.

Where is Nude Dude is a very cute Flash cartoon in the tradition of Where’s Waldo. The Nude Dude is hiding somewhere at a busy beach, and it’s up to you to find him. When you do, click on him for the grand finale. Trust me, this is not one of those scary Flash movies. Have fun.

SWF extractor.

SWF Extractor is a free tool that extracts all the images and sounds contained in uncompressed SWF files. It also creates a new copy of the original SWF that doesn’t have any sound. It’s perfect for defusing those scary Flash movies.