Ghosts in the attic?

I was recently going through some photos I took during a recent trip to Chicago when I came across this front view of my late grandmother’s house.


However, when I zoomed in for a closer look at the attic windows, I noticed something unusual.


There appear to be two faces at the windows. The face on the right does seem to resemble my late grandfather who passed away in 1981. Or this whole thing could be an illusion created by clouds reflected in the glass. I’ll leave it up to the Internet community to decide, but I will state that this photo has not been tampered with or altered in any way.

Terror in the kitchen.

I woke up feeling thirsty so I went downstairs to my kitchen to get a drink. There I saw a most terrifying sight of glowing red letters on the wall forming the words “GET OUT”,  perhaps a warning from some unseen presence which does not want me living in this house any longer. At that moment, I began to sense a strong presence of not one but dozens, perhaps hundreds of unseen spirits, all of them surrounding me and furious with me for reasons I cannot yet fathom. I cannot continue living in this haunted house any longer. After I post this, I am loading up my car and leaving all this behind, gladly surrendering my house to unseen demons. My house is theirs as long as they can keep up with the mortgage payments.


A ghost hunter responds.

I came home this morning after having been driven out last night by a ghost in my bedroom. I immediately checked for any responses to last night’s post about the haunting and to my delight, there were dozens of responses from ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts alike. I read every single response offering me words of courage and support, and I do want to thank everyone who responded. The most notable response I received came from Dr. Raymond Spengler, a professional ghost hunter who works in New York City. Here’s what he writes:

Thank you for sharing your ghost photo. While it is normal to be frightened of your uninvited guest, you should keep in mind that it may not mean harm. It may simply be curious of its surroundings and may even be more frightened of you than you are of it. If the ghost is confined to your bedroom, it may be trying to guard something there or it may be trying to locate a treasured possession. Please keep me informed of any new developments and if you don’t mind, please e-mail the rest of your ghost photos to [e-mail address removed] for analysis. In the meantime, I wouldn’t treat this as a hostile encounter just yet. It may just a passing spirit not even intent on haunting your residence in the first place. I look forward to your response.

I e-mailed Dr. Spengler the rest of my ghost photos and will keep him informed of any new developments in the haunting. So far I have not noticed anything out of the ordinary. Maybe the ghost really was just a passing spirit, but given the unpredictable nature of ghosts, that may just change in an instant. But for now, everything seems nice and quiet now, much like that eerie calm before the storm.

Ghost sighting in my house.

I just got the biggest scare of my life. As I was going upstairs to my bedroom to retire for the evening, the air suddenly got very cold, as if I set the thermostat to its lowest setting. But this is impossible as I have not had the air conditioner on all week due to the pleasant temperatures outside.

Once I reached the top of the stairs my eyes caught a glimpse of a shadowy figure disappear into my bedroom. Now I was scared. I live alone, and any hint of unexpected company like this is sure to send my pulse soaring in terror.

I stood at the doorway to my dark bedroom and tried to make out what on earth that ghostly figure could be. I didn’t see anything but definitely sensed that there was something lurking in my bedroom.

My next thought was to set up my camera and aim it at my bedroom door. I had it set to automatically take a picture when someone, or something, got within range of the camera. I went downstairs and turned on the TV to calm my nerves. I heard nothing coming from upstairs and thought my mind was playing tricks on me all this time. I began to calm down and soon felt tired enough to go upstairs to bed.

I went upstairs again and decided to check the camera.

There were 19 new pictures.

When I saw the pictures, my pulse quickened and again I was terrified. Captured in each of the 19 pictures was a ghost standing at the doorway to my bedroom. I have seen lots of pictures of ghosts online but the ones I took are the clearest images yet. They offer conclusive proof that ghosts do in fact live among us.

As I type this, I’m staying at a Motel 6 just down the street from where I live. I just need to get out for a while and sort through what happened tonight. Maybe I’ll be in a better frame of mind to deal with this in the morning.

Oh yeah, here’s the ghost that’s haunting my house this very moment.


Digital cameras that see ghosts?

The Web is decorated with spooky photos claiming to indicate the presence of ghosts and other supernatural beings lurking in our houses. Whether these photos are real or not, they still fuel the imagination and seem real enough to give us goosebumps just before bedtime.
Assuming that it’s possible to do so, I have yet to capture some spooky ghost footage myself. Unfortunately my house doesn’t seem to be haunted as I don’t hear strange noises during the night. Well, I don’t hear anything anyway since I take my hearing aids out before I go to sleep, but that’s another story.
I also don’t have any spooky dolls or antique toys that mysteriously move by themselves even without batteries or any other mechanical means, so that rules out another source of material for my ghostly footage.
I’m not coming across as being skeptical as I’ve seen enough ghost photos to convince me to find out for myself what really lurks in my house after the lights go out. One of these nights, I’d like to set up my camera in the dark and just shoot away in hopes that my camera is capable of seeing things I can’t.
This opens up a whole new way to look at digital cameras. With so many makes and models offering so many different features, surely there must be a certain feature that works best for taking pictures of things that really aren’t there. I’m not sure what that feature is, nor do I intend to sound like I know which digital camera works best for taking pictures of ghosts and apparitions. Some of the newer models are able to get decent pictures in very low light without the need for a flash and offer ways to adjust the exposure settings in a way that might just be enough to expose that elusive ghost.
Or maybe there’s a way to modify the camera so it does see these ghostly beings more clearly, maybe from dropping the camera from the roof to your driveway or perhaps popping it in the microwave for a second. I don’t know what works best here either as I don’t have money to keep buying cameras after breaking them. Surely there’s a way to tweak the electronics to effectively match the light frequencies where one would find the greatest concentration of ghosts.
All of a sudden, the study and pursuit of ghosts just became a whole new branch of science. It’s going to be quite comforting to hear these ghostologists explain the origins of those spooky sightings and strange noises during the night.