Is Googling wrecking the environment?

This is a interesting blog article that gives some food for thought. According to a British newspaper, we’re pumping carbon dioxide into the air with each query on Google. The blog article does dispute this claim, citing Google’s efforts to reduce its impact on the environment. I can only draw one conclusion from all this. As the Internet continues to grow, it must pay close attention to what it’s doing to our planet in the meantime.

The dangerous side of boredom.

I must’ve been really bored at work today because I found myself going to Google to play with its language tools. I like to type in a sentence in English, translate it to another language and re-translate it back to English. The resulting re-translations are often more interesting than what I started with.
The following nursery rhymes were translated to Japanese and then re-translated back to English. See if you can recognize them.

There was a lamb which is small to Mary
That wool was white as a snow
And thing where Mary goes
The lamb going, was secure.

The dry dock of Dickory of hickory!
The mouse moved on the clock!
The clock struck one
And that moves,
The dry dock of Dickory of hickory!

Scribbling the Yankee went into town
Riding in a car of that foal
He attached the feather of that hat
And it is called that the macaroni.

Bench of circle and circular shoeshop
The monkey pursued the weasel,
As for the monkey entirely having the pleasure which was thought
Explosion sound! The weasel goes.

The last one cracked me up, especially the last line. I can just hear the teachers in Japan telling their classes, “Okay class, today we’re going to sing ‘Explosion Sound! The Weasel Goes’. One, two, three…”
And the rest, as they say, is history.