The ultimate guitar workout.

I came across this site from an ad on Facebook, one that promises to dramatically increase your guitar playing speed. Since I’m always one looking for better, easier ways to learn the guitar, I decided to give it a try and even though I’m about halfway through the two-week course, I’m already impressed.
The Guitar Burning Speed course introduces you to a series of brief but very intense fretboard exercises to increase the strength of your fingers as you play. Having strong fingers is probably the very secret of playing the guitar faster, not to mention being able to effectively utilize all your fingers (except the thumb of course) when playing that blazing solo.
The bonuses included with the course are absolutely priceless. You’ll get some MIDI drum tracks, some free MP3 blues jam tracks, a metronome program and some other goodies, including a very simple method for memorizing your entire fretboard in less than 15 minutes. This course is well worth the money spent.

Great Frets on Fire.

Frets on Fire is an impressive Guitar Hero clone that simply rocks. Instead of using a toy guitar for jamming, you use your keyboard and rock your way through 3 original tunes. The game includes a very funny tutorial to help to learn the game’s controls and from there, the stage is all yours. Additional songs can be downloaded from the web site. This is really worth a look.

The best little guitar store in Jupiter.

Just down the street from where I work is a very nice guitar store that’s hidden a little too well in the industrial park there. I only found out about it when I saw a van with the sign “Wolfe Guitars” that was parked in front of the building.
One day during my lunch break I decided to stop by and check it out. I was impressed with it the second I stepped inside. Hanging on the walls are dozens of guitars with plenty of accessories, amplifiers and other add-ons in between. What a nice little store. I hope it gets good business.

My fretboard map.

I was frustrated at not being able to find a decent guitar fretboard map online, so I decided to make my own. I color-coded the notes to make them easier to find and hopefully highlight any patterns that may be hidden within the fretboard. Notice that the sequence of notes starts over at the 12th fret, except one octave higher.
This may not be the best fretboard map online but I like it and use it a lot. I am hoping it comes in handy for you fledgling guitarists out there. Enjoy.

The Jellifish.

Another neat toy you need to have for your guitar is an oddity called the Jellifish. It’s a special pick with 16 very small and thin wires that enables you to create unique musical effects as you play your guitar.
With the Jellifish, it’s possible to make your ordinary 6-string guitar sound like a 12-string, a hammered dulcimer or even a cello. I’d never seen a gadget like it. With a little practice and some experimenting, you can come up with some totally new sounds with your guitar. This is one tool you need to have in your guitar kit.
You can hear demos of the Jellifish in action at the product’s web site as well as download the tablature files for playing the demo tunes. There are also videos that teach you the simple techniques for creating the various effects.

The Lightsnake.

I just got myself a cool new toy for my guitar that lets me record my music directly to my computer. This new toy is called the Lightsnake and is a 10-foot cable that plugs into your USB port. No drivers are needed, so you’re set to start rocking in no time. Talk about plug and play.
As you play, the cable’s built-in lights flash a cool green color to let you know that the cable is transmitting data normally.
The Lightsnake sets itself up as a USB audio device, so you’ll need to go to your sound recording program’s settings to use it as your input source. It works really well with Cool Edit 2000, which is what I use to record my music.