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Ian’s reality check.

April 23, 2017

“I’m proud of you, Ian,” Ron beamed as he walked alongside his son Ian during their stroll around the block.

“Oh, it’s nothing,” Ian replied.

“No, seriously. Look how you turned your life around during the past 5 years. You went back to school to finish your degree and then you started training to take my job at the office. Now here I am, retired and visiting you and your family at your new house. I couldn’t be happier myself. And to think all it took was a little motivation on your part to get your life going.”

“Yeah,” Ian sighed. “I know.”

Ron could detect a hint of uncertainty in Ian’s voice.

“Something the matter?” Ron asked.

“What if all this is just a dream?” Ian wondered.

“Do you want it to be?”

“Well, no.  But I’m almost expecting something scary to happen that’ll wake me up and put me back where I started, back before all this happened.”

“Nonsense,” Ron replied. “You worked hard for your new life and you know it.”

Just before Ian could take comfort in those words, he heard a spooky laugh from behind him. He spun around only to find nobody behind him.

“What’s the matter?” Ron asked.

“Did you hear that?” Ian said. “I thought I heard laughing.”

“Probably some kids down the street.”

Then Ian heard the spooky laughing again, this time louder. He stopped walking and turned around in another attempt to locate the source. There was nobody there, only the sidewalk running past the rows of houses lined up along the street. When Ian turned around to face his father, he gasped. Ron too had stopped walking and was standing there with his back facing Ian.

“Poor Ian,” Ron spoke in a sinister voice, his back still facing Ian. “You just proved to yourself what you can do with a little motivation and now you wonder if it’s all a dream? How could you hurt yourself like this?”

“Dad, what’s going on?” Ian asked, his voice shaking with fear.

“You just worked the hardest you ever worked to get to where you’re at and now you’re expecting to wake up only to realize that none of this ever happened? Are you sure that’s what you want?”

Ian was too frightened to respond.

“You finally got my job so I can retire, you got married and moved into a nice house and you gave me a grandson. And you want all this to go away?”

“N-No, I don’t,” Ian stammered.

“You don’t sound like you want this new life. You’d rather be back home with us, unemployed and unmotivated like you’ve been all your life. If that’s what you really want…”

“No, I like this new life I have. I’ll keep it.”

Ron let out a sinister laugh. “You’ll keep it? Not a wise choice of words there.”

“Dad, why do you keep talking with your back facing me?”

There was a long pause.

“So you want me to turn around?” Ron asked.

“Yes, please.”


Ron suddenly spin around, his face as white as death, his open mouth full of yellow, sharpened teeth and his bloodshot eyes twice their size and bulging from their sockets. Ian let out a terrified scream.

Ian suddenly sat up sweating and panting, awake in his bed in his room at his parents’ house, back to his old life in progress, back to being unemployed and unmotivated as he had been all his life.

The bath.

April 13, 2017

The bathtub was slowly filling with hot water. After a depressing visit to Chicago to bury my grandmother, I was more than ready for a little escape, even it if did mean taking a bath in my room at the hotel. I was watching some TV to pass the time while the tub was filling. I was flipping through the channels before concluding there was nothing on. So I shut the TV off and walked to the bathroom to check on the bathtub. Just about there. So I began getting ready for my bath. I took off my glasses and undressed. I turned off all the lights in the room except for the light just outside the bathroom door. I walked up to the door to the room and turned the knob to engage the deadbolt. No way anyone could enter the room now.

I then walked into the bathroom, dropped the towel from around my waist and stepped into the tub. That water felt good.

There I was, sitting in the bathtub, closing my eyes and feeling the comforting water surround me. I could feel my anxiety and stress melt away and for the first time I was able to relax. I left my mind drift away on an invisible sailboat, letting it go wherever the winds blow.

Suddenly I opened my eyes. I had an alarming feeling that I wasn’t alone anymore. How could that be? That door is LOCKED.

It’s just me, all alone in the room.

How could anyone even get in the room?

Finally convinced I was alone, I closed my eyes. Again I set my mind adrift, setting it free to chase away the day’s stress.

Again, I opened my eyes.

There’s that feeling again. Someone is definitely in this room.

I looked towards the bathroom door and my eyes widened in horror. I could see the bathroom light shine from the other side of the door.

And moving feet.

Moving slowly past the bathroom.

I did a double take.


Was my mind playing tricks on me? Was I sleeping? Dreaming?

This was the second time I had that feeling I wasn’t alone.

Finding the bath soothing no longer, I had to investigate. I climbed out of the tub and wrapped a towel around my waist. Standing in front of the door, I summoned all my courage and cautiously opened the door.


What was that smell?

There was the smell of something in the room. I didn’t know what it was but I did know one thing.

It didn’t smell like this before my bath.

I slowly stepped out of the bathroom, daring to investigate. The feeling I was no longer alone blared louder than ever and I was struggling to get a grasp on what was going on.

Then I stepped on something.

Something that wasn’t there earlier.

I stooped down for a closer look.

It was dirt.

Then I noticed that the dirt was shaped like a footprint.

Not far from it was another footprint. In fact, there was a trail of footprints on the floor. But from who?

“Hello, Michael,” a voice rang out. Instantly a violent chill shot up my spine. Immediately I went for the door but found it just as locked as it was before.

“I’ve come to tuck you in,” my visitor said.

That’s when I got a good look at who dared drop by during my bath.

There, standing next to my bed, still wearing her blue dress with sprinkles of dirt, stood the person I never thought I’d see again.

My dead grandmother.

The Ghost of Galilee.

March 27, 2017

When I stuck my camera through the broken window for a picture at the abandoned Galilee property a few days ago, what if the camera saw this?


After the funeral.

March 2, 2017

I still am in a great deal of shock from what happened yesterday after the funeral.

We were all in attendance at the restaurant for the reception, quietly exchanging memories over a somber lunch when suddenly there was a deafening crash as a car drove through the side of the restaurant where we were seated. Tables were overturned and chairs flew in the midst of a huge cloud of dust that shrouded the room in confusion.

However, as the dust began to settle to reveal a fresh perspective on the unfolding situation, the sight awaiting us was more horrifying than we could ever imagine.

That was not a car that crashed into the restaurant.

It was a coffin.

The lid was wide open, allowing us to see the deceased body inside, in fact the same one just buried at the funeral an hour earlier. The chaos and fear escalated to incomprehensible levels.

Then something outside the window caught my eye.

There, standing in the parking lot, was the mysterious old woman in black, the same woman I saw in the distance at the cemetery. She turned around, took one step towards the trees, and disappeared.

The Big Dark Building.

April 14, 2016

Development on my first novel is progressing fast. I haven’t decided on a title yet (perhaps The Big Dark Building)  but I have actually finished the rough draft, something I haven’t done before. I think what helped me complete this phase of the project was my creating such a tense and terrifying atmosphere that the only way to relieve it was to keep writing until I reached the end of the story. Now the next step is to expand the story further by working in additional paragraphs to describe the abandoned building’s dark interior and to help build suspense. An excerpt:

Slowly I approached the door and pulled it open to enter the yawning darkness of the vast auditorium. I shone my light around and illuminated rows and rows of empty, dusty seats facing the stage where the chain link fence still hung in front to protect the audience from the Jai Alai action. I began to feel a sense of accomplishment after all. This was what I wanted to see, these remnants of the past and how they stood the test of time. From what I saw here, time has done much to preserve the contents of this building. Now satisfied with achieving my mission objective, I shone the light around the auditorium one last time and then suddenly screamed at the sight of two glowing eyes staring at me from the floor near the stage. I quickly turned my flashlight away as I recoiled from the sudden shock but when I shone my light again, the eyes were gone.

What the hell was that? Too scared to move, I sunk into one of the chairs, continuing to shine my light around the dark auditorium during my desperate search for the answer. Then it dawned on me. Maybe it was just a cat or a raccoon, or maybe some unknown creature of the night…

No, I corrected myself. It’s definitely a cat. There’s a family of them that live near the adjacent train station. Maybe this is where they go during the day.

Feeling better, I let out of a sigh of relief, ashamed that I allowed myself to react like that. Good thing no one saw me.

What was that?

My ears picked up a sound of what sounded like a door slamming from somewhere in the building. Was I not the only one here? And then I heard something more terrifying than what I just heard.


I quickly switched off my light and was consumed alive by the darkness. I sat still, holding my breath, listening to the footsteps become louder and louder. I began to sense there was someone else in the building. Then I heard some loud banging followed by a steady creaking from below the mezzanine. I could tell by the sound that there were some doors opening at this very moment. Wait a minute? Weren’t those doors locked when I tried opening them? Then how-?

My discussion was quickly silenced when I heard louder footsteps that seemed to suggest there was someone in the auditorium below. I held my breath as I listened. As I continued hearing the footsteps, something new arose that just didn’t make sense.

Footsteps? In pitch black darkness?

As my anxiety began to build, I began squeezing my flashlight as if seeking some stress relief. Suddenly my light switched on as if my thumb pressed down a little too hard. Before I knew it I lifted my flashlight and began shining it around. Instantly the footsteps stopped. I sat there in my chair, trembling with fear. My wrist held the flashlight straight so it shone directly at the stage and I noticed I was too scared to move. Why did I even decide to come here in the first place? What good did it do me to break into an abandoned building alone?

Suddenly my flashlight caught a glimpse of something flying towards me. I screamed as the unknown object sailed over my head and landed on the floor behind my seat. Ever so slowly I turned around, shining my flashlight behind me to see what it was.

It was a Halloween mask of a skull.


Descending into imaginary fear.

April 4, 2016

In my hometown of West Palm Beach, Florida stands a huge building once home to Palm Beach Jai Alai. Nowadays it’s empty and abandoned, the way it’s been for years now.

I couldn’t help but wonder what’s been going on inside that building all this time. I definitely don’t want to risk a charge of criminal trespassing during my attempt to find out, so I’ve opted for a safer alternative and began to imagine the possible sights and sounds that take place inside an abandoned building during the middle of the night. My brainstorming sessions produced some seriously spooky ideas that actually scared me. Now it’s time to put all this to writing.

Ultimately I think this will become my first novel. I’m really intrigued with the idea of creating a story loaded with suspense and horror and there’s no better setting than the abandoned building I’m about to explore. I think this is the one writing project that will keep me going until the last page is done. Here’s a preview:

I walked closer to the building, shining my flashlight along the exterior walls to see if there was another way in. Every door I saw was sealed shut with no way to open it. By now I was teetering in the middle of my uncertainty, sometimes leaning towards giving up and going home, and other times determined to find a way inside. It all came down to whether or not I could get in at all.

Wait a minute.

Upon closer inspection of the boards covering the front door, I saw that one of them was pulled away from the doorway, creating a tight space behind it that allowed access inside. After making sure I was absolutely alone, I stepped behind the board and endured the tight squeeze during my passage to the entrance on the other side of the boards. My concerns about getting past the front doors were silenced when I saw the shattered glass on the floor. All I had to do was step through the door frame and there I was, inside the very dark building. I was grateful for my taking the time to put fresh batteries in my flashlight. But now that I was here, there was no choice but to go in and start my expedition.

At this time I’m still developing the story and have not decided on what lurks deep inside the building. Could it be a secret so horrifying that I’d wish I never came here in the first place? Or could it just be darkness and my mischievous mind playing tricks on me? The only way for me to find out is to continue developing the story, one dark room at a time.

The six cents.

March 18, 2016

“Okay, your total comes to $7.06,” the cashier said after ringing up the customer’s order of groceries.

“Here you go,” the customer replied, handing her a $20 bill.

The cashier took the $20 but noticed she didn’t have enough coins for the change, so she asked him, “Do you have six cents on you?”

The customer quickly fished around his pockets and replied, “Sorry, I don’t.”

Suddenly the lights in the store went dark. The cheerful, sunny afternoon was chased away by black clouds under a most menacing sky. Winds began to howl, flashes of lightning scorched the sky, and deafening shockwaves of thunder shook the ground.

Then the front doors flew open and in flew scores of screeching bats, joined by dozens of rats racing across the floor while hundreds of slithering spiders crept along the wall as they entered. The animals met and merged into a tall pile on the floor in front of the express lane where the customer and the cashier stood. Instantly the pile transformed into a tall figure wearing a heavy black robe that completely concealed his body.

“I have six cents,” the hooded figure announced in a most evil voice. Reaching into his pocket, he retrieved a penny and a nickel and handed them to the cashier, who was startled at the sight of his bony hand.

After the cashier placed the six cents in her drawer, the mysterious figure suddenly disintegrated into the animals that formed his likeness prior to his arrival. Bats flew out the door, rats dashed outside and the spiders raced along the wall towards the exit. Then the lights in the store returned and the dark clouds dissipated to allow the sunny afternoon to continue uninterrupted.

“Wow,” the cashier said after a long pause. “I guess that’s that.” Then she saw the customer. “Oh! Your change.” She retrieved some paper money from her drawer and handed it to the customer. “$13 is your change.”

Suddenly the lights in the store went dark again as the afternoon outside turned into the blackest, darkest night. Then a wicked female voice screamed, “Did someone say 13?” And then began a dissonant chorus of nonstop diabolical laughter that rang throughout the store.

The Tunnel of Doom.

May 22, 2011

The Tunnel is a horror film from Australia that I rank as one of the scariest movies I have ever seen. It’s a refreshing approach to film making that’s no doubt going to have an impact on not only how movies are made but how they’re marketed as well.
This movie tells the story of a reporter and her camera crew who descend to the tunnels deep under downtown Sydney to find out the reason why the homeless people there are disappearing and not only do they find it, it finds them. That’s all I’m revealing about the plot.
The Tunnel is highly effective because it’s presented as a very convincing documentary, complete with interviews with the reporter and her cameraman as they tell the story of their ordeal. The acting is so solid that the movie feels like a reality show.
And of course, there’s the atmosphere in the tunnel itself, which is terrifying and tense as our fearless crew ventures deeper and deeper underground to explore the pitch-black halls and chambers with their flashlights and camera lights as their sole source of illumination and hoping the batteries don’t run out. Add the occasional strange sound and you have yourself the perfect horror movie. It’s one you won’t forget anytime soon.
The Tunnel isn’t rated but does contain adult language and of course the usual horror elements, so it would most likely carry an R rating should it play in theaters here in the States. To download the movie all you need is a BitTorrent client such as uTorrent. Then head to this site and download the movie torrent. You can download the subtitles here.
They say Foster’s is Australian for beer. The Tunnel is Australian for horror.