Intellivision lives.

I have very fond memories of playing video games on the early video game consoles during the early 1980’s. It seemed everyone I knew had either an Atari 2600 or an Intellivision game system. Now, through the magic of emulation, you can relive those good old days all over again.
Nostalgia is without question the best Intellivision emulator I have used. It sports a very slick graphical interface with easy access to your favorite game ROMS. It does come with some games that can be legally distributed, but none of the classics I grew up with.
In order for Nostalgia to work to its fullest potential, it needs some files that cannot be legally distributed, specifically EXEC.BIN, and GROM.BIN, downloadable from this site. Be sure to grab the IVOICE.BIN file to emulate the synthesized speech present in some of the games.
Now for some ROMS. There are plenty of web sites out there that have Intellivision ROMS but I found this one page that has 176 Intellivision ROMs zipped up into one archive. I’m not sure if that’s every Intellivision game ever made, but it does include the classics such as Snafu along with Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.
Have fun!