Avoid Rush.

Avoid Rush is a simple but very addictive game from Japan. All you have to do is use your mouse to steer clear of the boxes for as long as you can. The longer you play, the higher your score but the harder the game becomes as the boxes get bigger. Although the game’s documentation is Japanese, the game itself is in English so you won’t have any problems killing your productivity like never before. The link will start the 1.16MB ZIPfile download automatically.

Wire Climber.

Wire Climber is an addictive action-packed game from Japan. The object is to collect all the coins in each level by swinging from platform to platform using the arrow keys. This is a great way to enjoy a quick break from playing other games.
Even though this is a Japanese game, the game itself is in English. When you click the above link, the download will start automatically. The game itself is only 204KB.

MozPong DX for Windows.

MozPong DX for Windows is a hilarious shareware game from Japan that puts a fresh spin on those breakout type games. Here you control MozMoz-kun, a boy armed with a Butasan on a mission to crack open all the eggs in each level to free the chicks trapped within. Watch out for Josephine, a friendly green dinosaur who will hug MozMoz-kun if he gets too close. Power-ups, bosses and non-violent game action makes MozPong ideal for all ages.

Football in Japan.

The guy who writes this blog is a minor league football player playing for the Tokorozawa Outlaws in Japan. He also coaches younger players on the fundamentals of football. This is one of the most interesting blogs I’ve found.

Piyo Piyo.

Piyo Piyo is very challenging 3-D puzzle game from Japan featuring a cute little jumping bird on a quest for riches. The object of the game is to collect all the gems in each level by having the bird jump to them. Sounds easy enough, but you only have a limited number of jumps and have to plan your jumps carefully. Use the arrow keys to move, the Ctrl key to jump, the Enter key to change the view of the level and the Esc key as soon as your boss walks by.

SuperJump 2003.

SuperJump 2003 is one of the coolest Japanese games I’ve ever found. Here you control a stick figure driving a tiny car down a 3-D obstacle course packed with gems to collect. Along the way you must jump over the walls and gaps in the road as you make your way to the end of each level.
Because this game is from Japan, you will see plenty of words in Japanese. Don’t let them scare you. When you first run the game, the first window that appears is a menu for selecting the video mode. The option on the left is for Windowed mode and the option on the right is for Full Screen. After that, it becomes a little easier to navigate your way around the game as you will see some words in English. Use the arrow keys to navigate the menus and the space bar to make your selection.
I’m not sure what the “Shop” and “Equip” sections of the game do. I have a feeling you can buy add-ons to the stick figure’s car to make it more faster and powerful but with the Japanese language in those sections, there’s really not much you can do. The game is still fun without having to worry about shopping or equipping the car.
SuperJump does come with a level editor for making your own levels, but it’s tricky without any English. I haven’t tried making my own levels yet, so I have no idea how to go about making them.
All in all, SuperJump is an excellent game that really needs to be translated to English for the rest of the world to enjoy. I consider this game one of my favorites.

Crazy Gloon.

Crazy Gloon is another game from Japan I like. Here you control a circular line that’s constantly traveling in a clockwise motion. When you hit the space bar, the line reverses direction and travels counterclockwise.
Now visualize the circular line in a screen full of multi-colored balls. Your job is to clear the screen of the balls by alternating between the clockwise and counterclockwise movements. Sounds easy but it gets rather challenging. I have never seen a game like this and it’s really lots of fun.

Feel Wind.

Feel Wind is a very cool Japanese game that’s worth checking out. It’s an action-packed side scroller with stunning graphics and an uplifting musical score. Here you must defend yourself from crazed birds, flying ghosts and cute ball-shaped creatures. It’s good clean fun and can be quite addictive. Nothing bloody or violent here, which is either good or bad news for you gamers out there.