Apps for exploring Mars.

The recent news of the massive dust storm on Mars had me so interested in the Red Planet that I decided to explore Google Play to see what related apps I could find. It turns out there are more of them than I thought. Here’s a partial listing.

  • Space Weather – This cool app gives you the current weather conditions on Mars, the phase of the moon and conditions on the Sun. It also has helpful information that explains exactly what’s being reported. On the downside I noticed there’s been no new data from Mars since July 12.
  • Mars Time – I find it interesting that the time on Mars depends on who you ask. Each of the rovers and probes on Mars has their own time of day and this app lists them all.
  • Mars Sky – This app shows a simple view of the Martian sky from a list of various reference points. It also lists the times for the rise and set times for the planets in both standard and Darian calendar formats, so it’s an interesting way to learn the Martian calendar. The Skywheel app from the same developer is worth checking out if you desire an equally simple view of the sky here on Earth.

Highway discovered on Mars.

The Ventura Mars rover which transmitted a controversial photo of an alleged lake on Mars earlier this week has caused another uproar with the transmission of a photo of an alleged paved road on Mars. Fans of the NASA rover missions launched yet another celebration while skeptics clashed with the fans in violent confrontations.
However, the controversy got effectively silenced this morning when it was revealed that the Ventura rover was never on Mars in the first place but at NASA’s testing facility in California when scientists took it for a test run after having fixed some hardware malfunctions. The rover had taken some photos that were inadvertently transmitted to NASA, causing the controversy to ensue.
NASA sincerely apologizes for the false alarms and would like to remind everyone that there is no lake or paved road on Mars. Please disregard all reports which claim otherwise.

Firestorm over Martian lake photo.

NASA officials analyzing the controversial image of an alleged lake on Mars transmitted by the Ventura rover have declared the image as genuine, sending fans outside NASA headquarters into hysterics as they welcomed the news that life has finally been discovered on Mars. Those fans were met with fierce opposition from a newly formed organization known as the People Who Don’t Believe For One Second That The Photo Of The Lake On Mars Is Real (PWDBFOSTTPOTLOMIR). In turn, the fans countered by forming the People Who Know For Sure The Photo Is Real Because NASA Said It Was Genuine And That’s The Truth So Back Off Before We Kick Your Ass (PWKFSTPIRBNSIWGATTTSBOBWKYA).
“We demand further analysis of the lake photo because there is no way a lake could exist on Mars along with live trees,” PWDBFOSTTPOTLOMIR President Steve Shovel said. “And how could NASA be so sure the photo originated from Mars? It seems strange they would reach that conclusion so soon.”
But fans of the Martian rover expeditions are satisfied with the report. “This opens up a new frontier of exploration opportunities on Mars, “PWKFSTPIRBNSIWGATTTSBOBWKYA chairman William Weedwacker said. “I find it strange that some people cannot accept the tremendous progress we’ve made.”
At a press conference, NASA officials confirmed the image did indeed originate from Mars. “The image is indeed authentic and bears the Ventura’s digital signature,” a spokesman said. “We look forward to more such photos and are confident they too will be authentic.”
But the debate is heating up with protesters on both sides engaging in shouting and shoving matches. Once again, President George W. Bush appealed for everyone to stay calm.
“I still can’t believe I said ‘authenticity’ yesterday,” he chuckled. “Say, how do you pronounce ‘PWKFSTPIRBNSIWGATTTSBOBWKYA’?”
This blog will continue to be updated as the story develops.

Lake found on Mars.

A rover exploring the Martian terrain has transmitted this photo of an alleged lake on Mars surrounded by trees and plants under the red Martian sky. The Ventura rover allegedly took the photo from an unspecified location on Mars and sent it back to NASA headquarters on Earth. While scientists are struggling to verify the photo’s authenticity, fans were seen outside NASA headquarters celebrating what they see as the most convincing evidence of life on Mars ever found. Skeptics were also present, arguing that the photo could not possibly be genuine. As a result, violent clashes broke out, prompting President George W. Bush to appeal for calm.
“I think everyone should calm down and wait until the results of the analysis,” he said during a press conference. “Then everyone can take sides and fight over this some more. But for now, everyone should wait until the photo’s authenticity is verified.”
Then his face lit up with a smile. “How about that? I said ‘authenticity’!”
This blog will be updated as this story continues to develop.