A script that reads your mind.

I’ve been so haunted by the Fido mind reading trick that I’ve decided to make my own version in AutoIt. Here’s what I have so far.

dim $d
MsgBox (16, “Mindreader”, “Think of a 3 or 4 digit number.”)
MsgBox (16, “Mindreader”, “Now scramble the digits in that number to form a new number.”)
MsgBox (16, “Mindreader”, “Subtract the two numbers.”)
MsgBox (16, “Mindreader”, “From the resulting number, remove one digit and memorize it.”)
$a=inputbox (“Mindreader”, “Scramble the remaining digits of the number and enter them here.”)
$c=stringsplit ($a,””)
for $g=1 to $c[0]
MsgBox (16, “Mindreader”, “The missing number was ” & $f)

Much like the Fido puzzle, the script has you think of any 3 or 4 digit number. You then scramble the digits to come up with a second number. After subtracting the two numbers, you remove one digit from the result and enter the remaining digits into the script’s input window. The script then uses some simple math to calculate the missing digit, thus achieving the desired magic effect.
Unlike Fido, however, this script doesn’t quite get it every time but does seem to work on most numbers you can think of. I have a feeling the math programming is going to be a little more complicated than what you see here. The script is still a work in progress but does have a little magic contained within to amaze the mathematically ignorant.