The world’s most dangerous web browser.

OEMBrowser is a shareware web browser that creates a completely clean, secure and a very safe browsing environment. Part of its safety comes from it not supporting Flash or Javascript. It can be run so it does not write anything to the hard disk, not even cookies or the browser cache.
So why is this browser so dangerous? It has the ability to sneak past firewalls and retrieve web sites that are normally blocked by the firewall. For example, the firewall we use at our office is trained to block any web site with the word “blog” in its address, but with OEMBrowser, I could easily view my own blog.
Then I gave OEMBrowser a more extreme test. After triple-checking to make sure the coast was clear and the boss was out of sight, I attempted to use OEMBrowser to access one of the dirtier web sites out there. To my surprise, I was able to load that page without any problems.
I don’t know how OEMBrowser can sneak past the firewall like this but it must be the CSS support that makes it so sneaky. This is a very dangerous browser indeed.