Microsoft Bob for rednecks.

OsaSoft Bubba is a parody of Microsoft Bob that still takes well-aimed blows at the software giant itself. It doesn’t have much functionality as it’s merely comedy in binary form, but it’s perfect for taking a break while still looking busy.
After perusing the screenshot gallery, you can download your own copy here.

My Chocolate Rain parody.

(Sung to the tune of Chocolate Rain by Zay Tonday)

Chocolate Rain!
The most annoying song I know is called
Chocolate Rain
Too repetitious and it drives me sane
Chocolate Rain
The music sounds like it came from an old
Video Game
Oops, I messed up. I forgot to say
Chocolate Rain
Is he singing or is he burping?
Chocolate Rain
I never want to hear that song again.

I’m Pyst.

Pyst is a very old game I still have that’s fun to play. It pokes fun at Myst, which was the hottest selling game at the time. Pyst takes you on a journey through an island overrun by excess tourism and development and has hilarious interactive scenes packed with videos and audio clips. You’ll also get to meet King Mattruss, played by the great John Goodman, who also sings the Pyst theme on the game CD’s only audio track. This is still great stuff although you’ll have seen everything there is to see on Pyst Island in less than an hour. At least there’s no charge for going back for a second visit.

The ultimate social network.

Nclüdr is the one social network where you can make friends with billions of people all over the world. After answering a few simple questions, Nclüdr will automatically generate your profile for you, allowing you to instantly network with the world. Thanks to Nclüdr, I have a lunch date tomorrow with a table lamp. Woo hoo!