Painting with light.

I just tried something new with my digital camera. I set the camera to hold the shutter open for 15 seconds, turned off all the lights and took pictures of the walls as I “drew” on them with my laser pointer. The results are rather interesting.

Here I shone the pointer on the burners on my stove. 15 seconds was enough time for me to shine the light on all 4 burners. None of the burners were really on.

Heh. I decided to draw a scary monster and write an equally scary note on the wall. I find it interesting how the lines of the drawing were bright enough to illuminate the kitchen.

Finally, I returned to my room and did one final shot in which I moved the laser pointer in a circular motion. In the background is a mirror door that reflected the laser and created a second circle to add to the confusion. I really like how this picture turned out. It looks rather trippy.

This was the most fun I’ve ever had at home. I’ll have to do more of these laser drawings and post them here.

Strolling along Lake Okeechobee.

This photo is conclusive proof that scenic points still exist in Florida. I took this picture while strolling along a trail that borders Lake Okeechobee. I parked my car at some small park in Clewiston and then hit the trail.

This is a view of the surrounding area as seen from the trail. The peace and quiet here is stunning. No cars, no highways, not even the noise of city life. This is much more like it.

Then I followed a path that led off the trail and into some section of land that was blocked off by a locked gate. Private property, no doubt. I dared to slip under the gate to explore this area, running the risk of getting arrested for trespassing. But there wasn’t anyone out here, so I was safe to wander about. I got some nice closeups of the sugar canes that grew in this area.
Clewiston is a wonderful area to explore and forget about your worries. I will go back and take more pictures.