Pink police car nation.

Yesterday my wife and I took part in the Relay For Life at the South Florida Fairgrounds. She’s been fighting cancer for 20 years and has not given up yet. As her caregiver, I too have felt the burden of cancer from hearing bad news from her doctor and sitting in the waiting room as she underwent numerous surgeries to remove tumors from her lungs. Yet here we both were at the walk to celebrate her survival and my role in helping ensure that survival.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff was present at this event, and they brought with them something I’d never seen before. A pink patrol car. Talk about a strong source of support.



On the back window is this sign:

This pink patrol car is the first law enforcement vehicle its kind in the United States, and was created to show support for cancer research and cancer survivors. We want YOU to know that law enforcement’s role is not only to SERVE AND PROTECT our community, but to promote a sense of giving and support to anyone diagnosed with cancer.


Well said.

The calm before the storm.

It’s that time again.

As I write this, Hurricane Irma is churning towards Florida, prompting the usual frenzy of preparations that’s been repeated many times before. The last time we went through this was last year for Hurricane Matthew, and now it’s time to do this all over again. Sure, it may be calm now but things are going to get nasty in just a few days.

First, I need to stock up on emergency supplies. As expected, the water aisle is completely empty.

That means I have to wait in line for the water like everyone else. Can’t you just feel that frustration building?

Oh yeah, I gotta fill up with gas too. Problem is, there’s a long line there too.

No worries, though. I’ll just get up extra early and go fill up at 4 a.m. where there’s no waiting.

After the shopping’s done, it’s time to start putting up those storm shutters.

All this for a storm that doesn’t care how prepared you are. Once it passes, who knows what horrors and extra work await.