Farewell, Opportunity.

Once a roaming robot
Now a silent sculpture
Gazing across the rusty realm

The day after Halloween.

It’s the day after Halloween
The time is right
To buy stuff on clearance
And go out tonight
With my scary mask on
As I go door to door
Starting a trend
No one’s heard of before
Then I get in the car
And drive around town
To look at decorations
Not yet taken down
While I’m at it
I think I’ll go browse
And scream my way
Through an old haunted house
Just when I see one
I mumble and pout
The house is still there
But the props are all out
There goes my night
And my evening of fear
Time to go home
And then plan for next year

I broke the law.

I was walking through the parking lot one night
When my eyes beheld a rather curious sight
It was at that moment when I suddenly found
An unopened envelope on the ground
I broke the law
I broke the law

I picked it up and saw to my surprise
A name and address I didn’t recognise
I admit that I was looking for a thrill
When I opened it and saw an unpaid bill
I broke the law
I broke the law

Suddenly I got a nasty fright
When flashing blue lights shattered through the night
A policeman swiftly hauled me off to jail
Because he caught me reading someone’s mail
I broke the law
I broke the law

Hours later I was taken back
To where my innocence was so attacked
I saw a sight that nearly made me snap
Another envelope to set the trap
I broke the law
I broke the law

A face of stone.

This room is filled with people, yet I work here all alone
I’m feeling very lonely so I wear a face of stone
Having fun and making friends are clearly not allowed
Phone calls are more important than to mingle with the crowd
Every night I go home to a dark and empty house
I have no friends or one to call my spouse
My only social contacts are the voices on the phone
That’s why I come to work each day and wear a face of stone