Remembering Paul Harvey.

I always looked forward to hearing Paul Harvey on the radio. He had a deep, professional voice with that unmistakable small town feel that you just don’t hear much nowadays. I liked the way he delivered the news, insightful commentaries and those tempting ads for the Bose Acoustic Wave radio. I especially looked forward to The Rest of the Story in the evenings. I don’t think there will ever be another radio personality like Paul Harvey. I truly enjoyed his radio visits.

The Hurricane Horror Balloon.

Paul and Young Ron, the funny guys of South Florida radio, have launched the Hurricane Horror Balloon that indicates the threat level of a hurricane should one approach Florida. It’s on display outside their Miami station and also online where you can check to see if Florida is in for a nasty visit from Mother Nature anytime soon.

American Idiots.

The guys at the Paul and Young Ron Show have been doing a spinoff of American Idol called American Idiots. They’ve been doing song parodies based on topics suggested by listeners, who in turn vote for the best song.
Last week they started things off by mutilating some old Beatles songs beyond recognition. You can hear these songs along with the results of the first week’s competition online. I can only be thankful these guys aren’t competing for a record deal.

The prophecy of Queen.

One day as I was listening to the radio, I heard the song “Killer Queen” by the rock group Queen. I went online to look up the lyrics to get a feel for how the song goes, and interestingly enough, the lyrics mention the Internet, as indicated by this excerpt from the first verse:

She keeps a Moet et Chandon
In a pretty cabinet
‘Let them eat cake’ she says
Find me on the internet…

This is amazingly prophetic for a song released in 1974. How did Queen know there would soon be an Internet? Indeed, this is one of classic rock’s great mysteries.

The return of hometown radio.

WJTW is a nice small radio station in northern Palm Beach County that has a nice hometown feel to it. They play soothing songs of yesteryear and feature commercials from businesses in the immediate area. Because this is a Low Powered FM category station, its signal doesn’t travel very far but those who live within its range have one cool station within their reach.

The lighter side of dirty water.

Here’s a hilarious comedy bit from the Paul and Young Ron Radio Show regarding the boil water order that’s disrupted life in Palm Beach County for 10 days. The boil water order finally got lifted last week, but there was a time when the water supply here was contaminated with fecal coliform and E. coli bacteria, prompting an order for us to boil our water before drinking it. As frustrating as it was to have dirty water coming out of our faucets, it was a fertile source of comedy material for a certain morning radio show airing from Miami.

The Paul and Young Ron show.

The Paul and Young Ron Morning show is easily the most entertaining, most outrageous and funniest morning show I’ve ever heard on the radio. They broadcast each morning from their home station in Miami, and with my favorite radio station in West Palm beach now carrying their show, these guys have South Florida pretty much covered with their humor and biting sarcasm. The local approach of the show is refreshing as they give the time, the news and the weather for South Florida. They also have hilarious comedy bits poking fun at life in Florida, interviews with well-known celebrities and and phone calls from listeners. You can listen to their show live from their web site as well. These guys are making radio fun all over again.