Trippiest. Screensaver. Ever.

Electric Sheep is the most mind-blowing, psychedelic and trippiest screensaver I have ever seen with these two eyes. It displays a series of animations that blend color, pattern and motion into a very mesmerizing light show that will leave you spellbound and hungry for more.
And there’s certainly more where these animations come from. They’re actually downloaded from the Internet, and with the help of other computers also running the Electric Sheep screensaver, new morphing abstract animations known as “sheep” are being created constantly. As you watch these animations, you can vote on your favorite “sheep” to further influence their development. For the advanced user, there are tools available for creating your own “sheep” and submitting them to the server for all the clients to work on. But for the average user, it’s fun just to watch the animations and vote on your favorites, which is enough to determine how future animations will be developed. I have seen some truly mind-blowing animations with this screensaver, and what’s really exciting is you’ll never know what’s coming next. Who knows, maybe something even more mesmerizing than what you’ve seen already.

Starflight screen saver.

Starflight is one of the coolest screen savers I’ve seen in a long time. It doesn’t require the latest graphics cards nor does it use OpenGL or DirectX. It’s not just another starfield screen saver either. This one draws simple lines and dots to create a feeling of traveling through space and what’s more, the camera view actually changes. Never have I seen something so simple work so well. I like this screen saver so much that I use it on my computers at home and at work.

The Matrix screensaver.

There are lots of screensavers out there that pay tribute to The Matrix saga with those strange green letters raining on your desktop, but here’s the one I like the best. It includes the trace program sequence as seen in the first movie where Neo receives the instructions to follow the white rabbit. You can configure the screensaver to use any name besides Neo’s to make you feel like the hero, for once. And of course, after the trace program sequence finishes, those weird green letters begin to rain. I like this screensaver so much that I use it at work as a means of escape from my desk.

Some really slick screensavers.

Really Slick Screensavers is an awesome collection of 3D OpenGL screensavers for Windows. Some of the really cool ones are the fireworks-filled Skyrocket and the starfield simulator Hyperspace, but all of them are worth checking out. You will need a fast computer in order to be able to see these savers in all their artistic glory but I’m sure everyone out there has at least graduated out of those old Pentiums by now.

Variations of the 3D Maze screen saver.

I really miss the old 3D Maze screen saver that came with Windows 98. Not only was it fun to watch, it was also fun to replace the floor, wall and ceiling textures with your own pictures. Here are some variations I came up with.

Here I transform the maze into a virtual Martian landscape. The wall texture here is a real picture of Mars that was transmitted by the Sojourner rover during its thrilling exploration of Mars years ago. The floor texture came from my Rise of the Triad game CD and the ceiling texture was downloaded from the web.

I call this variation The Rules. Here I imagine being one of the last free humans exploring a futuristic world ruled by machines. The machines keep coming up with new rules for those humans who survived the invasion. The text on the ceiling reads:


It is up to me to find the switch that will end the machines’ reign of terror and save the world. Pretty heavy for an ordinary screen saver.

This variation I call Vertigo is a real trip. I’m surprised the computer can still find its way around the maze. The confusion is maddening but it does a heck of a job saving your screen.
I still don’t know why 3D Maze doesn’t come with Windows XP or Vista. It actually works fine on both of those systems if you still have your Windows 98 CD.

Graviton interface for Wizmo.

Wizmo is a versatile gizmo for Windows that includes a Graviton screensaver. In order to access this screensaver, you’ll have to put the appropriate command line switches, which means dropping to a DOS prompt and doing some extra typing. A handy freeware tool called Gravitonomy makes this process easier by presenting menus that allow you to tweak Graviton to your liking. You can also access some of Wizmo’s other commands just as easily, such as having it turn off your monitor or shut down your computer.

Cruising down the virtual freeway.

Freeway is a screen saver from Japan that uses moving dots to create the sensation of riding down an endless freeway under the night sky. It’s really soothing to watch. The freeway even has curves and gentle slopes for some added realism. It’s amazing what moving dots can do. The screen saver may not have hyper-realistic graphics but it doesn’t need a super fast computer either. It should run fine on old computers with operating systems as old as Windows 95.

Blue Screen of Death screen saver.

The BlueScreen Screen Saver has got to be the world’s scariest screen saver. It mimics the dreaded Blue Screen of Death perhaps a little too accurately. After displaying the fake blue screen, the screen saver then pretends to restart Windows, showing the startup splash screen for your version of Windows complete with the scrolling progress bar. Then a blank desktop appears along with a mouse cursor and suddenly, the Blue Screen of Death pops up again to begin the terror anew. For extra realism, you can enable the option for some fake disk activity.
Needless to say, this screen saver scares me every time I look at it. It’s going to scare you too.