Pranks at the office.

If you’re feeling stuck at the office while your co-workers are enjoying their holiday vacation, perhaps you should check out this gallery of some serious pranks carried out by some very mischievous office workers. Imagine coming back from vacation and seeing everything in your cubicle wrapped in foil.

Endangered IT skills.

According to this article, there are certain IT skills that seem to be headed to extinction. Some of these skills are based on old, obsolete technologies while others are jobs that don’t seem to be in much demand anymore.
The part about tech support getting phased out was surprising. I think support technicians will always be in demand, whether it’s hardware or general help desk support. I still think that aspect of IT has a strong future.
Nowadays I think those in the IT field need to branch out and be able to handle a variety of tasks. While I myself do some PC tech support, I also maintain the computers and servers to ensure they run smoothly. Lately I’ve been involved in planning a wireless network and expanding the LAN at the office where I work. Being versatile like this is essential to a successful IT career nowadays.