Hanging out with Waldo the Dog.

While browsing the list of movies available at VODO, one particular movie caught my eye, one with a picture of some guy wearing a dog mask. So I downloaded and watched this movie, entitled Waldo the Dog, and while I still have mixed feelings about it, it’s a movie I’m not going to forget anytime soon.
Waldo the Dog is the story of a homeless man who conceals his face by wearing a dog mask while living his life on the street, playing in the playground, scouring for food from garbage dumpsters and going to wrestling school to become a professional wrestler. Along the way he meets an attractive woman who falls in love with him but their relationship soon dissolves for reasons I won’t reveal here to avoid spoiling the plot.
This movie is 2 hours long and at times unfolds the story so slowly that I felt like pressing the fast forward button but I decided to continue watching anyway. There were also times when the movie felt repetitive in showing Waldo’s lonely life. There were several sequences showing him at the playground, rummaging for food, going to wrestling school and then meeting his girlfriend just as she getting off work.
Once you look past the movie’s flaws, it starts getting good. The movements of the hand-held camera added a nice degree of realism, in fact, I thought this movie was a documentary of a certain homeless man. But it’s nicely acted and adds an unexpected twist to your usual boring romance movie.
I found this movie disturbing, funny, sad and very thought-provoking all at the same time. Here’s someone unfortunate but possessing qualities so irresistible that he can even fall in love, even while wearing that weird dog mask. Why he wears that mask, I’ll never know but it’s something I’m going to ponder for a long time to come.
At the end of the movie, we see the text “Waldo Will Return”. Now I have something to look forward to and can’t help but wonder what awaits our homeless hero in the next filmed chapter of his life.

The Tunnel of Doom.

The Tunnel is a horror film from Australia that I rank as one of the scariest movies I have ever seen. It’s a refreshing approach to film making that’s no doubt going to have an impact on not only how movies are made but how they’re marketed as well.
This movie tells the story of a reporter and her camera crew who descend to the tunnels deep under downtown Sydney to find out the reason why the homeless people there are disappearing and not only do they find it, it finds them. That’s all I’m revealing about the plot.
The Tunnel is highly effective because it’s presented as a very convincing documentary, complete with interviews with the reporter and her cameraman as they tell the story of their ordeal. The acting is so solid that the movie feels like a reality show.
And of course, there’s the atmosphere in the tunnel itself, which is terrifying and tense as our fearless crew ventures deeper and deeper underground to explore the pitch-black halls and chambers with their flashlights and camera lights as their sole source of illumination and hoping the batteries don’t run out. Add the occasional strange sound and you have yourself the perfect horror movie. It’s one you won’t forget anytime soon.
The Tunnel isn’t rated but does contain adult language and of course the usual horror elements, so it would most likely carry an R rating should it play in theaters here in the States. To download the movie all you need is a BitTorrent client such as uTorrent. Then head to this site and download the movie torrent. You can download the subtitles here.
They say Foster’s is Australian for beer. The Tunnel is Australian for horror.

The movie no one wants you to see.

Zenith is a thrilling drama that takes place in the distant future where everyone is genetically altered to be permanently happy but one man is determined to seek the conspiracy that created this bizarre world. It’s well-acted and has such a compelling story that you’ll be hungry for more when the first episode suddenly ends. There are two more episodes on the way that will dare to reveal the truth. The question remains, will you be able to handle it?

Get Snowblind.

Snowblind is a visually stunning spaghetti western from Germany that takes place in a snowy, post-apocalyptic world. While the acting and storyline are both commendable, it’s the visuals that steal the show. As revealed during the end credits, the movie itself was shot in a small room with green walls. It took two people nearly one year to create the computer-generated world where the story takes place. This adds a very artistic edge to the film that just grabs your attention and doesn’t let go until the last of the end credits scroll off your screen.
Grab a copy with your favorite BitTorrent client here and enjoy the show.

Uses for uTorrent.

I’ve developed an appreciation for the power of peer to peer downloads offered by BitTorrent technology and have been exploring the various avenues to effectively utilize this technology without worry of treading on the wrong side of the law. These days I see it necessary to have a BitTorrent client such as uTorrent, which is what I use and recommend. Following is a list of ways I keep my uTorrent client busy.

Download open source software. Some of the larger open source programs such as OpenOffice.org offer downloads via peer to peer networks as opposed to downloading from a single web site.

Get free movies. VODO is a great place to check out independent movies in genres ranging from computer animation to interesting documentaries. This is where P2P really shines. With thousands of seeders helping distribute these movies, you can expect to download them very quickly.
Another good source of movies is Public Domain Torrents where you can find classic movies and cartoons. Good luck downloading them though. Some titles don’t have enough seeders so be prepared for some slow downloading.

Get free games and music. Even with its new role as a content distribution site, I’m still finding Mininova to be a worthwhile source for free music, movies and games. It’s fun to explore the different categories of content to see what’s up and coming in the torrent world.

UPDATE: I have been informed that Mininova is no more. However, there are still plenty of legal torrent sites as listed here.

Regarding Chip Seinfeld.

Who The F#ck Is Chip Seinfeld is a mockumentary that examines the life of Jerry Seinfeld’s younger “brother” Chip during his struggle to make it big in stand-up comedy while coping with cocaine addiction. It’s presented very convincingly with footage of Chip bombing at comedy clubs along with interviews with fellow comedians who aren’t exactly fond of him. It’s easy to forget that this is improvisational comedy at its best, doing to stand-up comedy what This Is Spinal Tap did to music. You can’t help but feel sorry for Chip.
This comedy short is 25 minutes long and while it’s not rated, it does have adult language aplenty and scenes depicting drug use. It’s still a must-see for anyone who’s a fan of stand-up comedy.

Pioneer One.

Pioneer One is an original drama series that’s the first to be distributed exclusively through torrent networks. The first episode is already available, and from having seen it myself, the rest of the series promises to be superb. It mixes science fiction and politics to create a tense atmosphere that begins with the discovery of an unusual object from outer space. The series focuses on a team of scientists trying to find out what this object is and what impact it will have on the world.
To download this episode you will need a torrent client like ĀµTorrent, whose setup program will give you the option to grab the first episode after it’s done installing. You can find the English subtitles here.