Trippiest. Screensaver. Ever.

Electric Sheep is the most mind-blowing, psychedelic and trippiest screensaver I have ever seen with these two eyes. It displays a series of animations that blend color, pattern and motion into a very mesmerizing light show that will leave you spellbound and hungry for more.
And there’s certainly more where these animations come from. They’re actually downloaded from the Internet, and with the help of other computers also running the Electric Sheep screensaver, new morphing abstract animations known as “sheep” are being created constantly. As you watch these animations, you can vote on your favorite “sheep” to further influence their development. For the advanced user, there are tools available for creating your own “sheep” and submitting them to the server for all the clients to work on. But for the average user, it’s fun just to watch the animations and vote on your favorites, which is enough to determine how future animations will be developed. I have seen some truly mind-blowing animations with this screensaver, and what’s really exciting is you’ll never know what’s coming next. Who knows, maybe something even more mesmerizing than what you’ve seen already.

Yet another trippy game.

Mono is a trippy game that’s part Asteroids, part Robotron and part Paint Shop Pro. What’s cool about this game is that you get to paint the screen as you play. Pretty soon you’ll have a screen that looks something like this:

There’s even an option on the main menu that shows you what the last screen looks like. Here you can hit the Print Screen key and paste it in your favorite graphics editor for use as some very trippy desktop wallpaper. The game itself is lots of fun to play and with the background slowly becoming more animated as you play, this game can become a real trip in itself.


CAPOW (Cellular Automata for Electric Power simulation) is an ongoing research project whose web page is full of scientific lingo which I find hard to understand but at least the program they have for download is fun to play with. Basically CAPOW draws colorful patterns based on the movements of some plotted graph. (I’m not even sure if that comes close to accurately describing how it works.) You can change the views of these patterns so they are rendered in 3-D, which looks pretty trippy. There’s even a screen saver version that draws these cool patterns when your computer is idle. There is plenty to play with here, none of which requires extensive scientific knowledge. All it takes is some curiosity and who knows, maybe the physics behind this program will start making sense.
Don’t let the 40MB download size scare you. The source code is included and there are tons of sample files to check out, but all you really need to run CAPOW are the executable files in the root of the ZIP file, which is only 1MB. Oddly enough it saves its settings to the WIN.INI file in the Windows folder.

The world of Samorost.

Samorost is a very imaginative and unique breed of adventure games. At the same time it’s a real work of art as the graphics are truly dazzling. Here you control a guy on a quest to prevent a collision with another planet. Along the way you must solve a series of puzzles in order to progress to the next level. It’s a very short game but one that will challenge your mind. This one is a real trip.

Spheres of Chaos.

Spheres of Chaos is a very trippy arcade game filled with psychedelic visual effects along with some very cool sound effects to match. This game must be seen to be believed. It’s similar to Asteroids but this game immerses you in dazzling explosions of color that will blow you away. This is proof that games really don’t need sophisticated graphics or require special hardware for them to be cool.

Some really slick screensavers.

Really Slick Screensavers is an awesome collection of 3D OpenGL screensavers for Windows. Some of the really cool ones are the fireworks-filled Skyrocket and the starfield simulator Hyperspace, but all of them are worth checking out. You will need a fast computer in order to be able to see these savers in all their artistic glory but I’m sure everyone out there has at least graduated out of those old Pentiums by now.