A superb start menu for USB drives.

Symenu is the portable start menu I’ve been looking for. It resides in your system tray and when you right-click on it, it produces the familiar pop-up window with quick access to your programs. Setting it up is a breeze with its drag and drop interface. It also has extension manager to allow you to temporarily change the programs linked to a specific file type, which is another cool feature I like. This is a very slick tool that belongs on every USB drive.

8start launcher.

The 8start launcher is the best freeware program launcher I’ve found so far. You can create shortcuts to your favorite programs and then create categories for those shortcuts for easy access. It’s also skinnable and portable for use on USB key drives, where it really shines. I’m really impressed with the absolute path feature that allows access to programs on your USB drive regardless of which drive letter it’s using. Above is a screenshot of my 8start menu as seen with the very cool iPhone skin that’s available on the 8start website.

PStart me up.

PStart is an absolutely essential utility for anyone with a USB key drive. It’s a freeware menu program for creating shortcuts to frequently used programs on your USB drive. It resides in your system tray so you can easily access those programs. You can also create quick notes to remind you of upcoming events you can’t afford to forget. There’s even a section that gives you information about your computer.