The Florida drought connection.

As of right now, Florida is going through a terrible drought, and I’m thinking I may have been an indirect cause. My working life has been decorated with instances of former employers either going out of business or struggling big time after my quitting them. Here are some examples:

  • One of my earlier jobs was working at a bird store. I only lasted one day there and had to quit when they couldn’t accommodate my school schedule. Not long after I left, that store went out of business.
  • I once worked as a busboy at a restaurant, but when I quit, they went out business weeks later.
  • When I got fired from K-mart, it would be years before that store would close its doors.
  • I used to bag groceries for a Winn Dixie store, which soon closed after I quit.
  • My first computer job was doing data processing for an office that sold copiers and other business appliances. After I got fired, they soon found themselves out of business.
  • I worked at a hospital doing tech support for 10 years. When they let me go, it would be a few years before they would be hit with a major crisis from declining admissions to a shortage of doctors.

Of course, not every place I worked went out of business or is going through hardships, but still, there’s strong evidence to support my theory that my leaving an employer may have caused that employer to either go out of business or descend into a major crisis.
This brings me to the next incident which supports my claim that I may been an indirect cause of the drought in Florida. I once worked at the South Florida Water Management District as a contractor. It was a very cool job but it was only temporary. Towards the end of my contract, the drought was settling in and after I left, the water managers have since been struggling with the water shortage in the face of the worsening drought. After all that, I apologize for having caused the drought.
I am now working at a sewer treatment plant, and the state of Florida will be damned should I ever lose my job there.

Free CD burning.

I use DeepBurner for backing up data on my hard drive to CD. There’s a freeware version available that allows you to burn CD’s from ISO image filess, create data CD’s and music CD’s. It works really well and I highly recommend it.
Also available is the reasonably priced DeepBurner Pro, which does what the freeware edition does, except it also makes video DVD’s and photo CD’s. At $25, it’s way cheaper than the CD burning software you’ll find at the store.
But if you’re just going to make CD’s from ISO image files, data CD’s and music CD’s, the freeware version of Deep Burner will serve you well.

HD radio?

Speaking of radio, I need to comment on the so-called HD Radio that’s recently entered the radio arena. I’m really not impressed with it. The HD radio tuners are still expensive, and even if I were to get one, there’s not much I’d be able to pick up.
At the web site, I did a search for HD stations in my area and only found 11, none of them offering anything different from what I can pick up with a regular radio.
I may be a radio fanatic, but HD Radio is something I’m not going to discover anytime soon.