How to get free jalapeno pepper plants from Papa John’s.

I know this sounds far-fetched, but there is a way to get free jalapeno pepper plants from Papa John’s. As you know, there’s a single jalapeno pepper that comes with each order. Whether you eat this pepper or not, be sure to save the seeds, which can be planted in a seed starter kit like this one.

I add some water in the container before keeping it outside where it can get some sun and warmth. About 5 days later, the seeds will sprout.

At this point I’m planning on keeping the sprouts in the container a little longer before I move them to their own flowerpot. Then I’ll start enjoying my own bounty of jalapeno peppers, courtesy of Papa John’s.

I’ll update this blog with pictures of my plants as they grow and definitely the peppers they produce. Stay tuned.

My husband is a robot!

BOREY: Everyone please welcome Kristin to The Borey Show.


BOREY: Backstage is Robert, her husband of 15 years. In recent months however, their love has been overshadowed by some disturbing allegations. Kristin believes her husband is actually a robot.


KRISTIN: That’s right, and I have the evidence to prove it! A few months ago Robert came home from work and said his battery was low!


BOREY: Did you ask him what he meant by that?

KRISTIN: I did, and he just smiled before he made a loud BEE-YOOOP sound as he collapsed on the sofa!


BOREY: What other evidence do you have?

KRISTIN: A few days later I was looking for him but didn’t know where he went. I called for him and he said he was in the garage. I asked him what he was doing and he said he was charging! CHARGING!


BOREY: And you have one final piece of evidence that you say proves indefinitely that your husband’s a robot.

KRISTIN: Yes, one day I asked him to help me with the laundry and he said “Yes, dear” in a monotone voice and made these noises like a robot walking while walking like a ROBOT!


BOREY: Okay, let’s bring out your husband Robert, or shall I say Robot? Come on out, Robert!


BOREY: Robert! What do you think of Kristin’s allegations?

ROBERT: They’re crazy! I’m not a robot and Kristin knows it!

KRISTIN: Yes you are! Yes you are!

BOREY: What’s up with the story about your battery being low?

ROBERT: That’s just another way of saying I was tired! Sheesh, you didn’t have to take that literally!

KRISTIN: But you made that BEE-YOOOP sound as you collapsed on the sofa!

ROBERT: That was just a silly sound effect! Just because I made the BEE-YOOOP sound doesn’t make me a robot! That’s like saying my going BEEP BEEP makes me a car!

KRISTIN: You’re a car too?

BOREY: Actually, Robert does have a point. What about the time Kristin found out you were charging in the garage?

ROBERT: I was charging the battery on my motorcycle! How does that make me a robot?

BOREY: Oh, so you have a motorcycle?

ROBERT: I do have a motorcycle and was doing some routine maintenance that night. What else is there?

BOREY: What about the time Kristin asked you for help with the laundry and you started acting like a robot?

ROBERT: So I acted like a robot! Kristin, you really know how to really blow this up way out of proportion! You need a sense of humor, you know that?

KRISTIN: I can’t get a sense of humor living with a robot like you!


BOREY: All right, let’s settle this once and for all. Last night we gave Robert a robot detector test and I have the results right here.


BOREY: Okay, Robert, last night we splashed a glass of water on your face. The robot detector determined that you did not short out.


ROBERT: I told you I wasn’t a robot!

KRISTIN: I’m sorry! I’m sorry!


ANNOUNCER: Up next, a man who’s convinced his wife is a bag of potato chips. Only on Borey!

Written at Henry’s.

Right now, I am in my room at Henry’s house. My parents aren’t talking with me ever since I quit my job and moved in with him. I wish I could describe how Henry’s face lit up when I said I would move in with him and spend the rest of my life with him.

The living’s okay here. I have a nice bedroom in the middle of the house, cleverly disguised so that it looks like a closet when seen from Henry’s bedroom. There aren’t any windows here either. Just a waterbed, a small dresser and a nightstand.

Every day it’s the same routine. I get up between 10am and 1pm each morning and turn on the TV Henry put in my room. I stay in bed and watch TV until 3pm, when Henry comes home. Henry undresses and climbs into bed with me and we watch TV some more until 5pm. Then I get out of bed, get dressed and go watch TV in the living room while Henry cooks dinner.

Now here comes the part where I pay the rent. I strip down to my underwear and dance around the kitchen while Henry claps his hands and begs for more. He has me climbing the counters and appliances like, as Henry describes it, “a pretty monkey.” After the dance is over, Henry rewards me with a meal. After dinner, I get dressed and go to my room and watch TV. Sometimes Henry checks out a movie on his way home and he watches it with me.

That’s all I can do anymore. I don’t have a car or a bike since Henry made me sell them. In fact, he had me sell my bed, my furniture and everything in my apartment. I moved out of my apartment and into Henry’s house, much to the dismay of my parents. In fact, they won’t even talk to me anymore. Fine. Jealous bastards.

But they do have a point. Living with Henry is scary. I don’t want him reading this, but sometimes Henry acts like he’s about to die sometimes. Sometimes he hyperventilates and sometimes he gags unexpectedly.

But Henry tries to change my mind with his feats of strength. He runs around the house and lifts one end of the sofa to prove how strong he is. But Henry has yet to explain why he occasionally walks around the house at 3am, carrying a gun and talking loudly to himself. Occasionally he comes in my room in the middle of the night to scream and fire his gun and chase something around my room, knocking over furniture and throwing my things around the room.

Still other incidents saw Henry going into the bathroom and making loud, gagging noises. Sometimes he screams. These incidents have shaken me so much that I have not been able to sleep for several nights.

Yet, I cannot leave Henry’s house. I have no car, no wallet and no money. Henry leaves me with nothing to wear but a pair of shorts, a T-shirt and some underpants. Before he leaves for work, he locks me in my room. I feel like a prisoner. There is no sense escaping from Henry. He has the house locked and alarmed. I am not allowed to use the phone to call for help. Henry is a monster.


Henry’s home!

I just heard the front door slam shut. Henry always does that to wake me up. Oh, there he goes.

“Hello, pretty boy!” Henry just screamed. “Is door unlock after I taked da shit. Henry going da takeda shit.”

Great, When Henry says that, he will be in the bathroom for the next three hours. Hell, he’s even got a TV and telephone in there.

Oh great. I just heard Henry screaming. He’s wheezing, coughing and gagging. That really scares me. Is Henry okay?

Now what? I just heard a door slam open. Henry done so soon? Oh – I forgot. He’s checking for toilet paper, which he’s been out of for 25 years. Now he’s going to use his hands. Disgusting, and he’s going to smell like shit for the rest of the evening.

YIPES! Now I hear the deadbolt on my door unlock. Henry’s coming! Yes, he’s opening the door right now and he’s coming in, stark naked and smelling like shit. I hate it when he’s in the mood to come in naked. I better stop writing this before he

Indefinite suspension, Part 2.

Candace then went to work, tearing furiously at the mess I made. I walked back to the office, grabbed some charges and went back to my desk. Sonny was at his desk, chortling at me. “Mike D on thin ice!” he shouted. “And you know how fast ice melts in Florida!”

John, also at his desk, laughed out loud. “Yeah, Mike, hope you know how to swim.” Sonny laughed at that.

Sitting at my desk, I fired up Netscape one more time for a return trip to the gruesome pics site. Just when I was ready to resume my journey through the gallery of messy suicides, I was am arm reach down to my computer’s power switch to turn it off. Candace was back. “Mike, please take your charges and go to the other side. This isn’t your workstation anymore.”

Feeling extremely shocked, I slowly walked to the other side of the office and proceeded to start keying the charges. Candace was keeping an eye on me from her office. I was slowly keying away, worried sick about what was to happen. Candace then ordered Sonny to re-format the hard drive on my computer, re-install Windows on it and remove my account on the network. I was in deep, deep trouble.

Then Candace got up and left the office. I turned around to the computer with Internet Explorer on it and fired it up. I had to go back to the gruesome pictures site. I had browsed through half the images in the messy suicides gallery when Candace came back and caught me.

“DAMMIT, MIKE!” she screamed and ran to the computer I was surfing on to turn it off. Sonny whistled in amazement. “What is your problem, Mike? Do you have a learning problem? When I say stay off the Internet, God dammit, you stay off! Shit, are you RETARDED?”

I could only shake my head in extreme shock.

“Mike, you key charges and you do NOTHING but key! If I see you turn that computer on, I will cut your hands off!”

I was shocked extremely senseless. I was sweating and breathing hard and tried to key. Candace got up and left the office and I really wanted to get back on the Web and browse the the gruesome pics gallery. But no, I thought maybe if Candace came back and saw that I di NOT get on the Internet, she would be impressed. So impressed that she may even trust me to be alone.

Then Donald Hutchkiss, the manager of Materials, came in, looking through a catalog. He saw me and asked if Candace was in.

“Is Candace here? I’m trying to decide which monitor to get for the computers in OR.” I was ashamed. Here’s Don, someone who works and not get on the Internet. Everyone else here works and I don’t. I’m just another asshole in a shirt and tie.

“I just need Candace to recommend a monitor for me. I’ll get back with her in the morning.”

Don left, leaving me feeling sad. Everyone else here in the hospital works hard and takes pride in the results. But me, I just play around and piss Candace off. I feel like I’m the least productive employee in the office. When I’m not in the office playing on the Net, I hide in the closet, leaving fucking messages to myself. Everyone else works and I just goof off. Leaving stupid messages on my answering machine.

Then Candace came back to babysit me.

“How many charges did you key?” she asked.

Putting on my retard act, I said, “Just this one.”

“When you finish that batch, come to my office.”

Something terrible was ahead. I just knew it.

I slowly finished the batch I was “working” on, and went to Candace’s office and sat down.

“Close the door, please.”

When Candace says that, I’m in trouble.

I got up and I moved some chairs out of the way to close the door. I sat down, feeling very, very nervous

“Mike, what you did today has made me feel very, very upset. I thought you would have an attitude to be more committed to serving the hospital and not be committed to surfing the Web for disgusting pictures. When I say for you not to surf the Web, I mean it, you do not even THINK of disobeying me. I don’t get it. When I say for you not to do anything, I don’t understand why you believe it’s okay to do it anyway just because I’m not around. Despite my telling you not to get on the Internet, I have caught you four times. Something really needs to be done to keep this from happening again. Go ahead, Mike, convince me that there are better ways to solve this problem than what’s about to happen.”

i was confused. “What’s about to happen?”

“Here’s hoping you never find out. Go ahead. Tell me how we can work this out. I’ll listen, You do the talking.”

I could only murmur and garble.

“In English, please.”

I was trying very hard to think. I concentrated and thought my brains out but failed. I could only shake my head.

“Fine. Then here’s what’s about to happen. Effective immediately, you are hereby placed on indefinite suspension without pay, and you will not come back until I say you can come back. It may be a week, a month, or a year. I don’t want you coming back here until I say you can. Also, you are demoted from hardware technician to data entry clerk. Your salary has been adjusted to $5.75 an hour and you will work every other day and do nothing but key. You will not have an account on the network and that means you will not have access to e-mail. We will look for someone to take your place for the hardware technician position. Also, we will be setting something up on the computers that will prevent you from ever getting on the Internet again. You have clearly demonstrated to me that you cannot be trusted to work alone and cannot do anything right anymore. Therefore, we must compensate for your lack of intelligence and also your extreme lack of consideration to my rules.

“Is there anything you’d like to straighten me out on before I start you on your next suspension?”

She paused for one second, barely giving me any time to think.

“Fine. Mike, please clock out and go home. When I call you back. I want you to come back with a new attitude and I want you ready to get back to work. For the time being, please leave and stay off the premises. I don’t want to see you anymore!”

I slowly rose to my feet and opened the door to Candace’s office. I walked out of the office, ignoring everyone as I walked past. Everyone in the office seemed to know what had just happened.

I walked to the time clock and badged out. I clocked out at 2:30pm. I drove home, feeling extremely depressed. It sure was a long drive. I cursed everything that came in my way, but what the hell. In my years on this planet, I had de-evolved from a human being into something far more disgusting that could not be found anywhere in the gruesome pics site.

Indefinite suspension.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Already reeling from the pain and humiliation from my first suspension, I screwed my life and computer career big time in a series of mishaps that tore apart my relationship with Candace and my co-workers.

After my return after being suspended for a week, I got written up for my unauthorized use of the Internet. That makes it the second time I got written up. Candace was very stern the whole time she talked to me. In a tone of voice that devastated me, she said, “Mike, that makes it twice I’ve written you up. If I write you up for anything at all again, you will be fired. So, you know, don’t screw with me.”

How about that. There’s nothing like coming back from a suspension to find out that my career’s on thin ice. Candace even said so herself. “Mike, you had better be very, very careful from now on. You are now on extremely thin ice.” That made me devastated.

Never mind that I still had a job – I was scared that I was edging ever closer to being fired. I didn’t feel committed to trying harder. What’s the use? No matter what I do, Candace will write me up. I think she’s trying to get rid of me.

I walked somberly back to my desk. I turned on my computer to log in and read my e-mail. Then Candace came up to me and took a look at what I was doing. It was clear she didn’t trust me anymore. “Reading your e-mail,” she said. “Okay, well, I’m going out to lunch. I’ll be back in an hour. Remember what I told you – you’re now on thin ice…”

Candace left. I waited a few minutes to make sure she really was gone. After checking the office that Candace left, I returned to my desk and fired up Netscape to look at some gruesome pics. Just when I started to browse through the disgusting images of messy suicides, I heard Candace say, “Whatcha doing now?” I gasped and immediately kicked the reset button on my computer to activate the reboot. I slowly turned around and faced Candace, not sure if she was going to fire me.

“I saw what you were doing,” she said. “It was really, really disgusting.” I was sweating nervous and breathing hard. Candace said, “If I were you, I would really stay out of the office today and concentrate on cleaning up the closet and the chapel office. Now turn that computer off and get to work.”

With that, she left. On the way out, she stopped and turned to watch me grab the keys to the closet and chapel office. “Come on,” she said. I headed out of the office, with Candace on my heels. It was so embarrassing. She followed me to the closet and when she became confident that I was finally going to do something besides surf the Net, she left me.

Okay, it was time to get something done. I opened the closet door and stepped inside. I started to work, picking up trash off the floor and re-arranged some boxes. I remembered that there were some stuff back at the office that I thought would be better off in the closet. I walked back to the office to fetch some old power cords and some monitor cables. While I was there, I decided to log in my computer.

Ah, what the hell. Candace is gone. Time for a quick surf. I fired up Netscape and went back to the gruesome pics site and continued browsing. Sick pictures, but I loved them. I checked for Candace returning every 30 seconds, and soon, I decided I was pushing my luck too far. Before I closed my session, I heard Candace say, “How does the closet look?” She sneaked in and was watching me the whole time. “Mike, that’s twice I caught you. Come on, let’s see what you did in the closet. You had an hour.”

Candace and I walked to the closet and when I told her that I picked up some trash and re-arranged some boxes, Candace shook her head. “And that took you and hour?” I nodded, feeling extremely scared. “Never mind the closet. I’ll clean up in here. Go clean out the chapel office. And please do NOT get on the Internet again!”

I headed for the lobby to get in the chapel office. Once inside, I threw empty boxes out of the room and cleared some room to walk. Just when I thought I was making good progress towards a job well done, Candace came storming into the chapel, screaming, “Mike! You do NOT throw empty boxes in the chapel!” She yelled, “What if someone wants to come in?”

I just stood there.

“Are you just going to stand there looking stupid or are you going to explain yourself?”

Candace’s yelling had everyone in the lobby staring at me.

“Mike!!” Candace screamed. “Never mind! I’ll clean up the chapel office! You go back to the office and key charges, and remember, if I catch you on the Internet ONE MORE TIME, you will be OUT OF HERE!”

To be continued…

Ian’s endangered legacy.

Steve is desperate. His friend Ian passed away two years ago, leaving behind a legacy that is, as Steve puts it, rapidly vanishing.

“Ian gave it his all,” he says. “He really pressed himself hard to try leaving behind something to remember him by. He wrote songs, novels, screenplays, stage plays, and sitcom teleplays. He also composed musicals, operas, symphonies and music for motion pictures. He left behind so much, yet his parents are intent on destroying it all. That really burns me up.”

I have to admit I was feeling a bit incensed myself when I arrived at Ian’s parents’ house. I was more than ready to confront them over what they had been doing but decided to hear them out first.

“Come in,” Ian’s father Ron greeted me at the door. His demeanor was calm and reassuring, yet did nothing to quench my curiosity for what he had been doing to Ian’s unpublished works. He led me to their bedroom where a startling sight awaited me.

The ceiling over their bed was literally sagging, nearly to the point of breaking.

“There are boxes and boxes of Ian’s so-called works up there,” Ron says. “My wife’s up there trying to bring some of them down now. After she comes down then it’s my turn to go up. Hopefully we’ll ease the load on the ceiling before it breaks. Heck, we don’t even sleep in here anymore, not with the ceiling sagging like that.”

Ron’s wife Karen calls for help as she climbs down from the attic with five boxes in hand. Ron retrieves the boxes, carries them over to his desk and stacks them for me to see. Scribbled on the side of the boxes are the words “Screenplays”.

“What will you do with those boxes?” I asked.

“What else? Throw them away, of course.” Ron answers.

Sensing my rage, Karen removes the lid from one of the boxes, revealing a stack of papers inside. “Take a look at these and tell us what else to do with them besides throw them out.”

I removed the first few pages from the box and glanced at them before it finally started making sense. I put the pages back in the box and offered to carry the boxes out to the edge of the driveway for collection.

“Does it make sense to you now?” Ron asked.

“It does,” I agreed.

For on every single paper that filled each one of the many boxes were just scribbled lines that were impossible to read, almost as if Ian merely touched his pen to the paper and drew one scribbled line right after the next.

Perhaps this was Ian’s real legacy – to bug his parents once last time.

Regrets of a red light runner.

The psychic sat in her car at the busy traffic intersection, patiently waiting for the light to turn green. She practiced some simple breathing exercises and kept herself in tune with the spirit realm during the wait.

Then the light turned green.

As the psychic resumed her commute home, a black Corvette suddenly barrelled across the intersection, narrowly missing her car as it continued ahead without stopping. Clearly the Corvette had run a red light but the psychic wasn’t upset. She knew what to do. She took one last glimpse of the speeding car as she uttered a brief incantation in its direction. Then she smiled. That was all she needed to do.

That night, at the other side of town, the driver of the Corvette lay in bed, trying to sleep. His mind replayed the events of the day, from his bad day at work to his escalating financial problems.

Then came the thought of running that red light on the way home. His eyes opened as a very startling thought entered his mind.

Did I hit someone?

No, he tried to reassure himself. I almost hit that car, but most definitely didn’t hit anyone.

The thought became stronger as he began to visualize a pedestrian standing in the crosswalk at the intersection, staring in horror at his Corvette as it sped towards him. Seconds later, the pedestrian exploded into a bloody mess all over the car, his intestines splattering on the windshield…


The driver suddenly sat upright in his bed, breathing hard and sweating profusely, trying hard to tune out the gruesome scene now playing in his head. That scene did go away, but was replaced by one of him stopping at the local self-service car wash to hose off the pedestrian’s remains.


His bewildered mind now began to play a conversation he supposedly had with the owner of the car wash who stopped by to make sure the equipment was working properly.

“Whoa, what happened there?” the owner noticed the mess on the Corvette, much to the driver’s annoyance.

“Tomatoes,” the driver blurted out.

“Tomatoes have intestines?”


At this point the driver wasn’t sure what to believe. The harder he tried to convince himself that he never ran over anyone, the harder his conscience acted to induce his guilt and the realization that he did.

Finally, the driver could take no more. he jumped out of bed, got himself dressed and went to turn himself in at the nearby police station. Of course, the police were confused. More convinced than ever over his own guilt, the driver lost control of his sanity and launched into a screaming fit that eventually landed him in a mental hospital across town. Either way, his driving days were now over.

A smile formed on the psychic’s face as she slept. That was all she needed to do.

Operation Bomb Drop.

Your Tequesta Guardians have devised the ultimate plan to get rid of Mike – to drop a bomb on him. This has raised many questions regarding your safety and what to do in case the bomb is dropped. This booklet was designed to answer those questions.

Why A Bomb Drop?

Over the years, our efforts to arrest Mike have failed. In addition to severe lack of police and FBI support, even you – the people we protect – have ridiculed our efforts. Everything we have tried failed to stop Mike. Our only option now is the bomb drop.

How Will It Work?

On the day of the bomb drop, Tequesta will be abandoned except for Mike. We will position our plane to drop the bomb on his hideout and he will be killed.

Our Bomb

The bomb we will use is a hydrogen UA21 bomb. Its explosive force is big enough to blow up the Moon. You can be sure that a bomb with that force can defeat Mike.

Evacuation Procedures

On the day of the bomb drop, you will hear our sirens blaring. Don’t panic. There will be plenty of time for you to evacuate your property. For your convenience, you can find the sirens at the following locations in Tequesta:

  • All Publix, Winn Dixie stores
  • On top of the Jupiter Lighthouse
  • Tequesta Park
  • All traffic signals

You can also listen for the alarm signal on 98.1 FM, WTGN.

When you hear the siren, abandon your property immediately. Disconnect the main fuse in your circuit breaker and make sure your house is directly locked. Then report directly to any one of the following bomb shelters.

  • West Palm Beach Auditorium
  • Palm Beach Mall
  • T’s Lounge
  • Abbey Road
  • Gardens Mall
  • Jupiter Lighthouse

At the shelter, food and clothing will be given out for a nominal fee. Please bring some money with you. Tequesta Guardians will be there to keep you protected and informed of the bombing.

When The Bomb Strikes

When you hear the Tequesta Guardians announce that the bomb is now being dropped, don’t panic! Simply follow this simple procedure to brace yourself.

1. Sit down on the floor.
2. Bend your knees and put your head between the knees.
3. Put your hands around your neck. This will prevent your head from flying off during impact. After impact, you may go home, free from Mike!

And that’s all there is to it! Bye for now!

Things that make noise in the night.

I can’t believe I’m doing this.

Yet I must.

I can’t sleep.

There I was, sitting at my computer at what, 3 o’clock in the morning, going on YouTube for some video with some advice addressing my predicament.

Ah, there it is.

I clicked the screen to start the video.

Welcome. If you’re watching this video, chances are you can’t sleep due to strange noises coming from around your house.

Go on.

It happens to all of us. But don’t worry, I’ll help you pinpoint the source of the noises.


Chances are you have some household appliances running, such as the dishwasher in your kitchen or the icemaker in your freezer. And let’s not forget that washing machine and dryer.

None of the above.

Maybe it’s the ceiling fan in the bedroom or your computer nearby, maybe it’s the radio you forgot to shut off, or maybe it’s your next door neighbor’s appliances going haywire.

This is going nowhere fast.

But if the noise sounds like it’s nearby, then nine times out of ten it’s definitely the coffin in your closet.

That’s it.

I know it’s hard losing your loved ones but c’mon, you don’t need to stow away their remains in the closet.


That’s the source of the noises, the steady shifting of dehydrated internal organs accompanied by postmortem flatulence.

I should have known.

Now that we’ve found the source of the noises, let me give you some advice. First off, you have got to get rid of the coffin. As hard as it may sound, you need to let your loved ones go. Because if you don’t, your bedroom will start stinking real bad and trust me, your neighbors will take notice and suspect foul play. Then what? Your reputation as a kindly neighbor will be damaged beyond repair and your neighbors will never see you the same way again.

You are so right.

Now let’s get that coffin out of there. In a few seconds my boys will be at your door to give you a hand.

A few seconds later, the sound of knocking at my front door sent me jumping from my seat.

How did they know?

Oh wait, real time logging and IP address tracking to my exact geographical location.

Some privacy policy.

I answered the door and three hulking men greeted me, ready to help. Within minutes we loaded the coffin on their trailer and were on our way back to the cemetery. It wasn’t that much longer before the coffin was reburied. I thanked the men and they gave me sympathetic pats on the back as if to understand my situation.

I drove home, relieved that this was over.

At last I could get some sleep.

I crawled into bed and was just about to fall asleep when I heard it again.

From the closet.

A postmortem fart.

The nightmare.


I sat up in bed with a start, my slumber rudely interrupted by a most frightening dream.

“What’s wrong?” my wife asked, now awake.

“I just dreamt you were buried alive,” I sighed, still regaining my senses while trying to calm myself down.

My wife laughed softly before she replied, “Thank God it was only a dream.”

“Yeah,” I sighed again, “I gotta try not to have that dream again.”

Then I closed my eyes and took some deep breaths before finally feeling my body slowly return to its relaxed state.

Suddenly my calm was shattered by a frightening thought.

My wife’s funeral was this morning.