The rest of my ANSI screens.

There seems to be an interest in my old ANSI screens I created during the BBS days of the 1990’s. What I uploaded to this blog so far was only a small, handpicked sampling from my library, but now you’re about to see the rest. Below is a slideshow of my complete collection of ANSI screens. Most of them were made by me but watch out, there are a few cool screens I stole from the other boards I frequented during those days. Enjoy the show.

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Merry Christmas.


This is an actual ANSI screen I created in 1993 using a Leading Edge brand computer that had a 80286 processor, 640KB RAM, 16-color EGA graphics card and a 30MB hard drive running MS-DOS 3.20. I created my ANSI screens using a program called TheDraw and would upload them via 2400bps modem to some of the various bulletin board systems I frequented during those days.

I saved this and other ANSI screen files to some 5 1/4″ 360KB diskettes, where over time they were copied to 3.5″ diskettes, then to CD-ROM and finally to DVD-ROM where I still have access to the very files I created 20 years ago.

To render the ANSI screen to the PNG format presented in this post, I used PabloView, a free viewer that converts ANSI and RIP screens to more modern file formats.

All this just to wish you a Merry Christmas.