Taking 3-D to a totally new level.

This post contains interactive 3-D images that can only be seen with the 3D viewing glasses included with the Bisect 3D rendering system currently undergoing beta testing. Although not yet ready for release to the public, Bisect 3D already promises to take 3-D to a completely new level. No longer will you just stare at the 3-D rendered images, now you can actually manipulate the 3-D image by reaching out and “touching” it while wearing a special glove connected to the Bisect3D system.

The Bisect 3D system consists of a small console, no larger than a deck of playing cards, that connects to your computer via USB. There are outlets in the console for connecting the lightweight, comfortable viewing glasses and the special glove for manipulating the images. Also included is a DVD-ROM that installs a browser plug-in that automatically triggers the rendering system when a 3-D image file is detected.

Without further delay, here are some sample interactive images for you to play with. When seen through the viewing glasses, the images appear to be floating in mid air right above your desk. This first image is of a flowerpot full of blooming geraniums. Notice how you can rotate the flowerpot for a better view of the flowers.


This next image is of a pinwheel. See how fast you can make it spin!


And finally, here’s a ragdoll for you to take out your frustrations. Notice how you can “throw” the ragdoll around the screen. You can also squeeze it, twirl it and even pound it with your fist. Just don’t break your desk.


And of course, the DVD-ROM includes software for making your own interactive 3-D images. I’m hard at work on creating images of my own and will definitely post them here.

Word is circulating around the Internet that there are some games in the works that will utilize the same model of 3-D interactivity. This is some seriously cool technology that deserves a closer look.