100 followers and counting.

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At this time I would like to recognize Edge of Humanity Magazine as my blog’s 100th follower. It’s a milestone that’s been 4 years in the making ever since I moved my blog to WordPress to leave behind the problems I was having with Blogger. Back then I had no idea that over time my blog would eventually gain the large following it has today. I’d like to thank everyone for the support that made this milestone possible. It’s helped my blog grow in the past and will keep it going well into the future. Thanks again.

So long, Blogger.

It appears that the blog using my old address at Blogger has been removed. I never had anything to do with its return, nor did I ever post anything on it. Whoever ran it decided to re-use my old address for a blog containing nothing but spam, which ultimately led to its removal. In any case, that blog is now gone and the address no longer available for new blogs. I’m hoping this ends any confusion as to which blog is really mine. I no longer use Blogger and have been with WordPress for 2 years running, so the blog you’re reading now is the real deal, now and always.

RIP Cinema du Comical Cartoon Calamities.


Cinema du Comical Cartoon Calamities was an old site I did that had cheesy animations of stick figures getting killed along with some scary Flash movies. It did quite well during its heyday and received much traffic until I decided to close my site and let mjbdiver.com expire. During the years that followed I am certain that my visitors moved on with their lives instead of continuing to depend on stick figure death animations to enrich their very lives.

A few years ago I re-registered mjbdiver.com and now use it for this blog. At one point I decided to bring back the Cinema for old time’s sake and re-uploaded all my animated GIF files for posterity. I even began to look for ways to present my Flash movies as well, but as from my recent series of unfortunate events on Newgrounds, I don’t think anyone really misses the Cinema anymore. Everyone’s moved on and it’s time I did too.

The Cinema itself came into being during an unhappy time in my life. At the time I was single and lonely with no friends. I lived alone and rarely left my apartment when I wasn’t working, so I made the animations as a way to make some friends online. For a while that strategy worked. I hung out on some discussion forums where all we did was share our animations and critique them. Soon it dawned on me that I was the oldest one there. The other users were in their early teens and here I was in my 30s and sharing my childish animations with them. That did not feel right at all but I continued to hang out in the forums as this was my entire social life.

Since then things have definitely changed for me. I have more real-life friends I see face to face, so there’s no need for me to make animations as a way to connect with them. My interests have changed as I’m now more engaged with photography and writing fiction. I think it’s time to leave my unhappy past behind and in doing that, it’s also time to shut down Cinema du Comical Cartoon Calamities for good. There will be no mention of it again. Ever.

The return of my old blog, kind of.

Just for kicks I was recently Googling for my online moniker just to see which sites have it mentioned. The results page shows mostly social media sites where I have accounts, such as Twitter and Soundcloud, although on occasion I see links to my blog posted by those frequenting the many online discussion forums. On rare occasions I find something really interesting, as in someone using my blog’s old address on Blogger for their own blog. Curiously enough, each post there is nearly identical in its wording except it mentions a different haircare or skincare product, but there’s a link to the online store where that product can be purchased.

What I find especially interesting is that out of all the addresses available for blogs, this person chose to use my old Blogger address. There are web sites that still link to that address so it must be a good source of traffic for this new blog. I don’t want to give it too much publicity but I just find its origins interesting.

I’m okay with it all, though. This blog has been on WordPress long enough for its presence to be known and is getting good traffic, so I’m not expecting any confusion to arise from this new blog that’s using the same address I once used myself.


This blog cleared for takeoff.


This may not seem like big news but it certainly is front-page stuff to me. I’ve gotten some notifications from WordPress about my blog getting more traffic and followers nowadays, and that means more to me than you think. For a long time I’ve struggled to get my blog noticed and my efforts appear to be paying off at long last. I think moving this blog to WordPress was the first step and from there it was a matter of coming up with the right content to appeal to the right audience. For me, short stories, poems and photography seem to be the key to this blog’s success and I will definitely continue down that path while exploring what other content is possible to make this blog even better and more appealing in the years to come. The journey has only just begun. Thanks to everyone for their patronage.

Three years and counting.

Yesterday when I logged on my WordPress account to add a new blog entry, I received a notification from WordPress wishing me a happy third anniversary. Yes, it’s been three years since I set up my blog here and since then it has truly taken off. I’ve been getting more and more “likes” on my posts and have also accumulated an audience of 69 followers as of this writing. This really means a lot to me and helps me keep this blog going now that I’ve finally found the audience I’ve been looking for. It took patience and much fine-tuning over the years as I experimented and changed the content around until I came up with something that works. Now I have something to build on and take this blog even farther and it’s a pleasure to have everyone along for the ride.

I am truly grateful to everyone for their support and patronage. This blog could not have made it this far without you.

A word of thanks.

This blog is now entering its 7th year of its online existence. The first 5 of those years were spent at Blogger until difficulties with my account led to my moving it here to WordPress where it’s been happily residing since.

All along I’ve been fine-tuning my blog’s format as I tried to come up with content appealing to my readers, and it wasn’t until 3 months ago when I finally arrived at a format that finally helped this blog truly take off. It was then I began coming up with silly short stories, poems and the idea of posting some of my photographs. The response has been magical and it truly feels like my blog’s finally earned its rightful place in the blogosphere. And for that, I thank you all.

Blogs and social media.

I am witnessing firsthand what a valuable tool Twitter is for attracting readers to this blog. For years I’ve had my blog set up to generate a tweet with a link to each new post, and at long last, it’s starting to kick in as I’ve been getting more likes on my posts and new followers. Never before has Twitter’s potential to attract new visitors been this obvious, and I like the results I’ve been getting. It took a while but my efforts and patience have paid off.

I also have this blog integrated into Facebook through NetworkedBlogs but am not having as much luck there. I briefly had it set up to post a link to each new post but I have not been sensing as much interest. I’ve since eased the tight integration and will share an occasional post I think my friends will like, and that seems to be working somewhat. But Twitter is definitely turning out to be the tool to use for spreading the word about your blog.

2 years and counting.

When I logged on my blog in preparation of adding a new post, I was greeted with a notification that this blog has been hosted on WordPress for exactly two years. Yes, two years ago today I established my blog’s new home after having moved it from Blogger when I had problems accessing my account there. Luckily I saved a backup copy of my blog and uploaded it here on WordPress along with my vast image library. After spending hours editing my posts to load the images from WordPress, my blog was all settled in and ready for business . Other than the big scare I got last month when this blog was briefly shut down to some spam comments that had sneaked into one of my posts, it’s been a relatively smooth ride since. I’m proud to have my blog hosted on WordPress and won’t move it anywhere else.