The Maze of Riddles.

Artore and Ginsmed arrived at the mouth of a huge canyon with a passage through a series of short walls of granite arranged in the form of a huge, complex maze.

“Ah, the dreaded Maze of Riddles,” sighed Ginsmed. “Some say it’s a maze, others say it’s more of a sequence of riddles. But there is a puzzle at the heart of the riddles that shows the safest path out of the maze. To my knowledge, no traveler has ever merged from the Maze of Riddles alive.”

“Riddles are not my thing,” Artore replied.

“Then we had best turn back,” Ginsmed warned. “If we venture into the maze at this point, we will surely perish at the first wrong guess.”

Artore wasn’t listening. He had already set foot inside the maze.

“That clumsy fool,” Ginsmed muttered, before entering the maze, When he found him, Artore was at a dead end, reading the first riddle inscribed on the wall.

Ginsmed walked up to Artore. “We had best – ”

Artore held up his arm to silence Ginsmed. He was reading the first riddle:

Suns may set and moons may rise
To which flows forward the hands of time
Heroes prevail where cowards flee
At the gifts bestowed them thrown away.

Ginsmed just stood, shaking his head. “I have no clue what the answer is.”

Artore just stood there, reading the words again and again. Suddenly he lifted his battle axe and with great force struck the wall bearing the riddle. Instantly it crumbled into a pile of rubble and revealed a passage to the other side. Artore walked through the passage with Ginsmed close behind, shaking his head in disbelief.

The two arrived at an arch of gold with an engraved plaque bearing these words:

Your genius and persistence have served you well
And guided you through the maze
For so your efforts shall be rewarded
For so you get the Glass Key of Bozreth.

Sure enough, hanging nearby was a key crafted from glass. Artore reached for the key and put it in his backpack. Then the two continued on.

After a long and stunned silence, Ginsmed spoke up. “Artore, how did you know to break the wall the way you did? Was that the answer to the riddle?”

“Ginsmed,” Artore replied, “As I said, riddles are not my thing. The only knowledge I possess is my strength and my only tool my battle axe. If I can’t reason with my mind, then I use other means I know well to solve the riddle.”

The Legend of Wolfjack.

Once there was a huge country divided in two
The Northern Part was Prospex,
And the Southern Part was Warria.
A child named Wolfjack was born
In Prospex, the Good Country, and was born
With greath strength, so he could be
A national hero as a man.
Once did Merlin call him to his castle
Because there was his first mission-
To destroy the Evil Country Warria’s King
By breaking plastic on him. Merlin spake:
“Yea, Wolfjack, you must depart to kill
The King before he harms us. Break anything plastic
On him, for it releases its odor harmful
To him. Beware of the red S for it will weaken
You, I know not why. Farewell!”
Merlin vanished with a flash, leaving in confusion
This Wolfjack. But he knew Merlin would tell him
To leave at dawn so leave he did.
On his good horse Banlor, he did trot
Down to the Evil Country Warria.
Suddenly, a mysterious force pulled Wolfjack out
From his saddle, and he flew to the King.
Banlor ran back to Prospex, feared he might
Be hurt with Wolfjack.
Wolfjack arrived at the King’s castle
Which was built of heavy stone and jagged edges
That scared away the enemyes.
But, the drawbridge lowered itself and then
It seemed to call Wolfjack in, but which he did
Cautiously, and inside the King was hiding after
He had seen Wolfjack arrive. Wolfjack stepped
In and quietly marched to the rear.
“Ha! Wolfjack!” screamed the King, who jumped out
And waved the curs├ęd S in front of his face.
“This S does not hurt me,” he said to Wolfjack,
Who felt weak already, but the King waved the S
Suddenly in Wolfjack’s face. Wolfjack spun slowly
And collapsed. The King laughed and turned, thinking
Woljack was killed. Wolfjack was regaining his powers
And magic to call upon some plastic plates
From a lovely girl who appeared with a bunch of them.
Wolfjack screamed and hurled the plates at the King
Who melted and vapourized immediately and
Was never seen again by a Warrian. Wolfjack,
After the long walk to Prospex, was hailed
And pronounced a national hero by the proud Merlin.

The Fifth World Book.


Early Man discovered to his superb ability
To outsurvive any larger and dumber animal
And because of this many people have spread
Worldwide to new parts of the world
That would become the Fifth World.
One day one man accidentally shot another
In pursuit of a deer. He found that Man
Is vulnerable to any weapon they used on deer
And could kill anytime. Man killed for pleasure
And soon one society branched into two,
Good and Evil, in which Good became Prospex,
And Evil became Warria, and each country
Wanted to seize the other and the World.


Prospex, the good country, had a huge dome
That protected the fibers of its government,
The people, who led Prospex into a plan
To seize Warria and tried not to reveal
To Warria its plans. Merlin, the Great Man,
Was a powerful and effective ruler, and
A fighter, which became a favorite, always
Had he listened to his people and done
To satisfy its ideals.


The big, evil country Warria had poor ideals,
And ignored its people and always thought
Of new ideas without giving consideration
To the people’s opinions. The people endlessly
Complain about many a poor thing they did,
And all that is done is a pronunciation
Of a rude insult.

Merlin Speaks To His People

One day Merlin decided to speak a word
About a new plan.
“People, the time has come for us to fight
For the World rather than for Prospex
While we think, probably at some unknown
Rate, yes, but we had better get ready
For attack and to attack the Evil Country
Warria. At dawn, we will leave to seize
The Stone Castle.”

The Fight, The Loss, The Pride

At dawn they left, angry at Warria
For its stupid activities that tore Merlin
Up in rage, which is enough to win a battle
To be fought.
At the borders, the army slew the guards
And marched 15 more kimotores to the Castle
And they engaged in combat with the Black Army.
They fought and fought but soon Retsnom,
The leader, came out and bombed a fort that was built
Quickly by Prospex and it was ruined.
Retsnom yelled, “Fools, depart! And don’t
Return to us, yea, for you will never succeed!”
Retsnom was heavily saddened for the perishment
Of 125 men and the tiny wound on one for Prospex.
Retsnom wept as he watched the proud army
March back home despite a loss.


Yea, Prospex had ideals to be carried on
To the outside countries who witnessed the war
By writings by myself, Marinas, the writer
Who is well-known for recording events
Without error and at ease do I write
A first draft story and it is no doubt,
My pen will rest a day or two,
Before something happens that is new.