Why I’m ditching Google Drive.


Rather than  using those words, I’m going to offer some constructive criticism in hopes that one of the Google Drive developers see this post as they browse the web. I’m sure the title of this post will catch their eye anyway. I am hoping that they’ll take the following feedback into consideration as they continue developing and improving Google Drive.

At my job I created HTML documents containing important phone numbers and links to web sites to  help me with my work. I uploaded these documents to Google Drive in hopes of being access them from work but when I try pulling them up, the Google Drive viewer can only display the HTML source code. That completely defeats the purpose of uploading the documents in the first place.

The Google Drive software could be smarter. I also Dropbox and Skydrive for my backups and had all three programs running simultaneously to upload my files to their respective destinations in the cloud. Dropbox and Skydrive always finished first since they could clearly tell what files changed since the last backup. Google Drive on the other hand was still running and uploading the entire folder structure where the file resided, resulting in a much longer wait than necessary.

Perhaps these shortcomings can be addressed in a future revision of Google Drive.