I completely understand.

I can understand how you are feeling
I’m hoping you can start healing
But at least I did have
A much-needed laugh
When your birthday cake flew to the ceiling

A phishy limerick.

This could be the funniest poem
Its punchline will really hit home
But there’s one thing I need
Before we proceed
Your credit card number in foam

The space mission.

While flying a mission to space
To study this most quiet place
There was a loud scream
Then seen on the screen
A mysterious ugly face

Bad news from the surgeon.

“Bad news,” said a sad Dr. Hune,
“The surgery ended too soon.
We barely got started
Just when your spouse farted,
We fled from the obnoxious fumes.”

The self-righteous fool.

There once was a self-righteous fool
Who decided to go to the zoo
To ponder the fact
How the lions react
When he opens a can of cat food

The artist.

There once was a brilliant artist
Whose approach to his art was uncharted
Paint balls up his ass
And his really bad gas
Made works of art each time he farted