My big mistake.

I made a big mistake, I think
I was looking for something to drink
It was too dark to see
So I reached out blindly
And drank a big bottle of ink

The impatient diner.

Pardon me, sir, it is noon.
If my breakfast doesn’t come soon,
I’m going to spit
And throw a huge fit
Then I’m kicking your ass to the Moon.

Driving in the rain.

As I was driving it started to rain.
The way it poured down was insane.
I drove half a block
And I gasped in shock
When my car headed straight down the drain.

Spock saves the day.

“The battery’s dead, Mr. Spock!”
Kirk yelled as they pulled into dock.
Then the ship sailed away
After Spock saved the day
With his Vulcan Electrical Shock.